Mbappe’s response to Real Madrid’s offer and the great team he prioritizes


Follow the novel Kylian Mbappe. Days pass and the player, property PSGhas dealt a new blow to the transfer market regarding his future.

They offer an “almost retired” player to Barcelona, ​​Mbappe’s coup to Real Madrid and Benzema with an unexpected fate.

real Madrid He sent an informal but very strong proposal of what he wanted, and the player responded to Merengue’s proposal.

According to him Timethe player does not feel pressure from the preliminary contract that the white organization wants him to sign in January this year and is considering other options. Mbappe His current priorities include joining a Premier club as a free in his next market.

For Mbappe no need for REl Madrid decides his future and prefers to consider other options that may appear on the market, Kylian has always shown admiration for Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool.

Mbappe’s future remains unresolved, and there are hints in the novel that it will continue for a long time: the Frenchman wants to decide his own future.

The reason Mbappe is drawing ire at Real Madrid and PSG: another European giant rubbing his hands

Real Madrid offered Mbappe will again be their highest paid player when his current commitments to PSG end, but with an offer that will be lower in monetary terms than what has been offered these last two summers. (130 million premiums and 70 million gross per year).

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