McDonald’s is bringing back its Double Big Mac favorite after four years.

New York (CNN) – McDonald’s Big Mac has doubled in size again.

Starting January 24, the company will reintroduce the Double Big Mac, which features four pieces of meat instead of the usual two, to its menu and will be sold in the US for a limited time.

In March 2020, McDonald’s briefly introduced this special edition burger. The announcement of the Double Big Mac came days before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the United States, forcing food chains to quickly cut hours and slash menus. offerings including this burger.

Unlike the previous release, the 2024 Double Big Mac includes improvements that McDonald’s announced in 2023 for its core burger offering, including softer buns, grill settings for better cooking and improvements to the way the cheese melts. Big Macs in particular have more sauce.

Limited time offers are often a marketing strategy designed to generate interest among customers who may be looking for competing alternatives. But there may be more behind this particular release.

McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski told CNN last month that his customers are hungry for bigger burgers and that the chain is “working on it.” Selling a double Big Mac is an easy way to offer a larger product because it doesn’t require extra work on the part of employees and is made from existing ingredients.

McDonald’s plan to create larger burgers comes at a time when many customers are looking for ways to spend less and the pricey McDonald’s burger has become something of a symbol of inflation.

But a burger, even if it’s bigger, doesn’t have to drain your bank account. “We think we can offer a big, tasty burger at a better price than (customers) can get anywhere else,” Kempczinski said.

In the past, McDonald’s sold different versions of the Big Mac. Grand Mac and Mac Jr. were sold in 2017 and 2018. Although the Grand Mac used two hamburger patties, they were larger than the regular patties in a traditional Big Mac and featured a larger bun.

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