MCM’s legal team did not have access to the disqualification file at TSJ

The legal representative of María Corina Machado, Perquis Rocha, explained this Tuesday that they had gone to the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) to find out how the appeal submitted by the presidential candidate for his alleged disqualification is progressing, but They did not get access. Second time in the file…

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“For the second time, SPA did not give us access to the file to investigate it and not only not complete the process, but in particular, learn from the first source of the alleged non-compliance that the Office of the Comptroller General told us about the requirement political- Of the Administrative Chamber. Republic, to record the administrative background of the case,” he said.

Rocha said that “the TSJ jeopardizes constitutional guarantees of due process and compliance with the Barbados Agreement.”

The lawyer concluded the series of messages by highlighting that he would continue to insist on the means of constitutional law and that he was confident that the truth would emerge in the said case.

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On December 25, the Office of the Comptroller General sent to the Supreme Court a certified copy of the administrative acts through which the sanction of disqualification for 15 years was imposed on María Corina Machado, an important document to determine whether said measure Should be removed or not. ,

«Maria Corina Machado Perisca jointly filed a lawsuit for precautionary protection against the de facto route for alleged physical actions taken by the Comptroller’s Office. “Speaker Magistrate Malachias Gil Rodriguez”, he signs.

The Political-Administrative Chamber of the TSJ agreed in a resolution of 19 December to inform the Comptroller’s Office that it has a period of 72 hours to “proceed to record the requested information” regarding this veto, which If maintained, Machado will be unstoppable. To compete in the 2024 elections, scheduled for the second semester.

On Friday, December 15, Machado went to the TSJ to present his case regarding the disqualification review process agreed between the government and the Democratic Unitary Platform.

Upon leaving the TSJ, he declared that after his presentation to the court, “the ball was in Nicolás Maduro’s favor”, predicting that he would be responsible for deciding whether he would agree to guarantees with the international community. Had it happened or not? Clean” elections next year. Anal.

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