Meeting with Adele Lafargue, comedian and co-founder of Collectif Les Risiens magazine

Paris is a theater city, and among the young talents bringing vibrancy to the Parisian stage is the retrospective Adele Lafargue. A young comedian of 24 years old, originally from Touraine, Adele is determined to contribute to the creation of a theater suitable for all generations. It is also in 2023, cofonde le Collectif Les Risiens to participate in 5 creations, and in reflections, interpretations and reinventions on the planches.

Comment t’es-tu mise au théâtre?

I want you to play the most and be terrible. In 2020, when I exchanged in Chile, I was most drawn to my announcement when I wrote on stage at du Cours Florent in Paris. J’étais also enjouée qu’angoissée, et le stage s’est en fait déroulé très naturalllement; I feel very bad about my place on the plateau. I was in a single school and studied theater for three years. It is possible that my mother cannot write on this stage, I cannot imagine that I want to play a game that inspires me from little…

What’s the point of becoming a comedian?

Je suis allée voir Art Yasmina Reza at the Théâtre Antoine with my family, who is younger, and Jean-Pierre Darroussin in Yvan D’Hun’s long monologue “Tret, without interruption, an imposing silence in public after the apnea of ​​the collective.” Je me souviens avoir été très émue par cet moment de theater et m’être swore de faire pareil “quand je serai grande” (j’avais dejà 18 ans mais pas la moindre idée de ce à quoi la suite de ma vie ressemblerait).

You studied at Cours Florent, a prestigious drama school. Please comment how you enjoyed the experience?

Ce que je retiens de l’école, au-delà de l’enseignement du jeu que j’y ai reçu, ce sont les rencontres que j’y ai faites. with young people, this is the school where I met the people who work today and the costs that I build a theater in which I souhaite évoluer avec elle.eux .

What do these projects actually do, what goal do they pursue, are you launching them?

The debut took place in 2023: I founded the Les Risiens collection together with Killian Seban. Currently my ambitions are great: to build a collection, enjoy our works and create new works with the goal of making theater more accessible.

I also performed many times on the courts and in long cinemas, but most of all there was not enough time to conduct instant casting searches.

What’s the most important thing you understand about comedy parks?

My comedy parks start in reality. But I know what I want, plus it’s a team effort; qu’on ne construit rien seul.e, meme, if the construction team is a real hard worker.

D’autre part je crois que j’ai appris qu’en tant qu’artiste, on évolue constamment dans nos constamment dans nos constamment dans nos constamment dans nos constamment dans nos constamment dans nos qu’ets, nos goûts et nos artiste. Chaque année qui passe depuis que j’ai ontéatre, je souris avec love en repenant à celle que j’etais l’année precédente, à ce que j’aimais, ce en quoi je croyais et ce à quoi j’aspirais.

I have also gained enormous competencies for me. Créer Les Risiens require the acquisition of a large number of qualities related to the administrative activities of the association, to the dissemination of spectacles, to the public relations press… We cannot find accompaniment for this subject in school, etc. ‘ai donc dû apprendre de mes erreurs, en phisant. Because of the difficulty, there is no need to bore myself with a lot of satisfaction before remembering the number of choices I know I have found.

Peux-tu nous presenter le Collectif des Risiens?

Les Risiens is a theater group, but more than anything else. Our somms currently number 45 participants and have 5 very different creations (1 performance “youth”, 1 “Brazilian farce”, 1 “improv performance”, 1 “original work” and 1 “author’s edition”). Our work will build a theater that is “popular, demanding and innovative”, more accessible worldwide and for its artistic, social and pedagogical ambitions.

“Filantes Histoires” @inconnusplutotcools

What topics do you cover in your glasses?

They are extremely diverse. From one performance to the next, the audience can explore the themes of the universe; être saisi par des reflexions à propos du monde; Passerby realist scene in Monte o Calver in dream scenes, in improvisations Stories of Philantes ; Discover writing or remake classics… The idea is to discover a variety of truly rich works.

Currently, our work, which includes several more new works that represent various forms of current issues in society, is associated with the opinions of our staff related to important research. Il nous ssemble essentiel d’utiliser l’art comme moyen d’expression, d’ouvrir à la reflection sur le monde dans dans lequel on vit, sans pour autant basculer dans un the culpabilisant. Je crois que la parole d’un.e comé peut être profondément politique, et c’est aussi l’une des raisons pour lesquelles je veux être comédienne.

So what do you want more of in improv?

I don’t know what I’m doing in an improv show, but this discipline is a terrible absolute for me. I come to certain repetitions – or, improvisation is necessary for all work sessions – d’être tetanisée dans un coin du plato, unable to cope with the great laughter. But one of these people died, the joy of the ensemble, from the faith of many others, a story that develops to such an extent that the ideas turn out to be incommensurable. “Histoires Filantes”, a notary improvisational performance, is: 24 comedies that are remade without reaching a plateau and create a story that is different from the others. Je dirais que ce ce que j’aime le plus, c’est être au theater devant une salle pleine, sans avoir aucune idee du spectacle que nous allons jouer.

Quels en sont les défis?

Improvisation (outside the play, or real magic opera) is the advantage of good scenes. Basically, this means that you have to accept that something is completely bad. and for good parfois.

What projects are you collecting for the future?

Our projects are named and beautiful in the development stage. But don’t quote our ambitions: playing in public spaces, Creer Notre festival, organizer of improvisation and dramatic art ateliers in public and private structures (hospitals, carceral environments, foyers for children…), ramener in the theater of a public that does not want or plus…

What advice would you give to a young comedian who loves theater and improv?

FONS. Ça fait peur, but most of all, it is wealth. L’écoute, la power of the sentence and the construction of the situation in which it develops and improvises, cannot bring any advantages to comedy films.

Montée aux Calvaires, new Risiens spectacle.

Adele and the rebels in retrospect Monte o Calver All evenings are sold out at 21:00 at the Théâtre Darius Milhaud, Paris XIX. Juscuau, January 26, 2024

Propos Recueillis by Louise Rambaud

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