Megan Fox quarreled with Internet users who shared a photo without makeup, which was shared by IA

Actress Megan Fox recently published “Ego-Portrait in Nature,” and instead of accepting compliments, it is a review of the criticism of part of her subscriptions and people sur la toile.

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The device will definitely shock you with the beauty of “authenticity” it wants to use to use artificial intelligence to create photos!

Or an actress Jennifer’s body none of these negative comments. She responded to an Internet user and suggested it to her friend, a musician Machine gun “Kelly”he can confirm that he said that this is indeed the case and that he is not designed to create IA.

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Voici une capture d’écran de ce qu’elle a écrit sur laplateforme X:

Screen capture via X via Us Weekly

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Friends, the latest news from the podcast sur le populaire Call her dad On March 20, Fox recently discussed the surgeries that have arisen.

She stated:

“Je vais juste passer en revue toutes les chooses que j’ai faites parce que j’ai l’impression qu’il ya cette stigmatization et que je ne vais pas gagner. Either way, I hope certain people will be free. Je suis fait refaire les seins quand j’avais 21 or 22 ans. Je les ai refaits après avoir allaité mes enfants. I did the repair because I had to go back to a later period and I can’t get past the graisse corporelle (…) so he could do the waviness of the implant and I also made a replacement. “She doesn’t mention rhinoplasty and botox, so she doesn’t want her to make those decisions in legere.

Ultimately, Megan Fox’s beauty, whether natural or the result of aesthetic intervention, remains subjective.

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