Megan Fox rocked the weekend with her incredible curves

Megan Fox spoke a few weeks ago about her blood drinking ritual with her partner Machine Gun Kelly and she thinks social media. “I suppose that drinking each other’s blood could confuse people or that people are imagining us with a chalice and that we are like in ‘Game of Thrones’, drinking each other’s blood,” said the actress. “It’s just a few drops, but yes, we consume each other’s blood sometimes only for ritual purposes” expanded the American.

“And it’s kind of controlled like, ‘We’re going to spill a few drops of blood and everyone drinks it,’” he continued. Fox. “He’s much more careless and frenetic and chaotic, where he’s willing to cut his chest with broken glass like, ‘Take my soul,’ the American concluded.

Megan Fox posing. Source: Instagram Megan Fox

this past friday, Megan confirmed again all its beauty in virtual communities. The model also shared a series of photos on her official Instagram account that drew all the attention of her millions of followers. The Oak Ridge, Tennessee native wore a low-cut pink dress with sparkly details and a gash on her left leg. The protagonist of “Ninja Turtles” complemented her look with her hair loose with waves, small earrings and a glam make up.

Megan Fox posing. Source: Instagram Megan Fox

“The cat tree however” was the simple and short text that he chose Megan fox as a caption for his aforementioned post on the popular network of the little camera.

Megan Fox posing. Source: Instagram Megan Fox

This aforementioned publication Fox He obtained thousands of likes on Instagram, easily surpassing the barrier of a million hearts in just hours. “Her smile with her by her side is my Therapy”, “This is the Megan we want Not the one that looks like Kim K” and “Damn, they both look absolutely stunning” were some of the most prominent messages received by the Brian Austin Green’s ex-wife in his post.

Megan Fox posing. Source: Instagram Megan Fox

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