Megan Fox thinks women should feel sexier after having kids

Megan Fox credit:Bang Showbiz

Megan Fox credit:Bang Showbiz

The ‘Jennifer’s Body’ star criticized the fact that women worry about trying to appear sexier after being mothers, considering that this is part of a “patriarchal” society that must be ended.

Megan, mother of Noah Shannon Green, 9, Bodhi Ransom Green, 8, and Journey River Green, 5, with her ex-husband Brian Austin Green, 48, lashed out.

“What a terrible message women give each other. Once you go through certain milestones, once you go through having children, what then? You shouldn’t be sexy anymore? You should be and feel sexier than ever after having sex.” given birth to a son. That is a very misogynistic and patriarchal idea that has been imposed on women and that we have to get rid of.”

However, Megan Fox admitted that she is the “worst person” to question about issues like women’s right to abortion, as she “really” doesn’t know “what’s going on” in the news or in the world.

She also confessed that she doesn’t have a “great response” to the huge criticism of fast fashion, after launching her second collection with Boohoo this week.

Her comments to The Evening Standard newspaper came as she was seen making another public display of affection with fiancĂ© Machine Gun Kelly at the New York premiere of her latest film ‘Taurus’.

Fox added to the evening post that she would have been “naked everywhere” in 2009 had it not been for the bosses of the ‘Transformers’ family film franchise forbidding her from stripping.

“The peak of fame for me was in 2009. It was during the second ‘Transformers’ press tour. Back then I would have stripped naked everywhere, but that wasn’t allowed.”

Fox is famous for joining robot movies as Mikaela Banes in 2007, with an image of her leaning over the hood of a ’76 Camaro in a spaghetti strap crop top that became a pin-up poster for millions of her viewers. teenage fans.

This earned her a role in the 2009 cult film ‘Jennifer’s Body’, in which she plays a possessed schoolgirl who preys on her classmates.

Now he stars alongside Machine Gun Kelly in the film ‘Taurus’. In it, MGK plays rocker Cole in the film, and Fox plays Cole’s love interest Mae.

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