“Megan Thee Stallion appelle Cardi B “sale mexicaine”, fans in flowers!

Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion in the Park have been collaborating with each other for a long time through tubes, WAP and Hot Girl Summer. In fact, Minaj is the Savage rap artist who can cause a diss in the song Hiss. After a few temporary forays as a new single seller, Minaj is the prize of a social media stud, confirming that the version of the song is an attack on her. In leur querelle en Cours, the singer from Barbie World is involved with Cardi B, hinting that Stallion aurait fait des remarques desobligeantes regarding a colleague from Bongos, most fans abandoned the desire.

In the verses “Ces salopes ne sont pas en colère contre Megan, ces salopes sont en colère contre la loi de Megan” by Hiss, these titles onte come true in order to avoid coming to the street Mary de Minaj, Kenneth Penny, un delinquant sexy enregistré . Assault on this, Nicki Minaj is a Grammy rapper’s critique for her rapping competencies, an ad for appellant’s “big foot”, a reference to Tory Lanez who tired of the Stallion later in life. In a recent development, the “Super Freaky Girl” singer is also involved in this feud with old foe Cardi B, hinting that the Stallion calls one of his co-stars a “Mexican sale.”

This is a fan channel that speculates on Megan’s statements that reference Cardi B, who is Dominican and identifies as Afro-Latina. However, fans do not fully agree with the comments of singer Barbie Mira, who sees Cardi B.

Fans involved in these brawls on the course are no longer sticking with Nicki Minaj’s latest allegations against Stallion for racist remarks at a meeting with collaborators, the majority supposedly belonging to Cardi B. Face in the village, fans He tweeted his skepticism.

This is not the premiere when Nicki Minaj returns to conflict with her old colleagues, and then to conflict with Cardi B’s pendant during these years, and questions that these were the end times. But if it sounds like a rap, it means he was an old enemy in this matter, and he was interested in commenting on the choice of evolution, as well as the fact that Stallion was not an encore to these accusations.

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