“Memory”: souvenirs that remained, souvenirs that were

In the issue of retro students, Sylvia est suivie sur le chemin du retour par Saul. An alarmed Sylvia learns that Saul is actually aware of his approaching dementia. In the following weeks, Sylvia and Saul grow closer. Alors qu’elle est hantée par des souvenirs douloureux qui entravent son épanouissement, lui est encore suffisamment lucide pour avoir de son esprit qui se delélite. This is an incredible friendship that happened between Sylvia and Saul. These derniers are embodied by Jessica Chastain and Peter Sarsgaard in their famous Memory.

Écrit et realise by Michel Franco (winner of the Special Consideration Award at Cannes 2012) After Lucia), Memory This is an intriguing, subtle and unpredictable plot. In fact, you come to the croit souvent or return, but the cinema has again escaped your attention. Sela refuses to fall back on the cliché of development or the situation being the way it is.

For example, throughout the film Sylvia talks about being attacked as a teenager and also by Saul, a story of revenge she feels is similar to others. Eh, no: Memory va dans une tout autre direction (Sol à été transferé dans leur école après les faits).

Le Film Brosse Plutôt Deux Portraits d’Humeins Parvenus à une forme de point de notreourexistentiel. Sylvia, an alcoholic for two, for a girl (Brooke Timber), qu’elle élève seule, comprend qu’un affranchissement par report au passé est not seulement souhaitable, mais nécessaire.

The ambiguity that was between Sylvia and her sister plus financial assistance (Merritt Wever), doit être dissipée une fois pour toutes. The amount of toxicity that comes from the mother (Jessica Harper), the saturation point is attention.

Son of a cat, Saul, who qui est veuf, doit faire le deuil de sa propre personne, puisqu’entre deux éclairs d’acuité, son identité s’efface un peu plus chaque jour. There is also a lot of trouble south of the family front. In fact, the brother’s son and legal guardian (Josh Charles) is not involved as far as being my friend to Louis is concerned.

The other aspect that is made up of Sylvia and Saul is that they are wonderful for all two surrounded and they are not my singles.

Important Details

Michel Franco, not noticing these similarities, preferred to observe the main characters as if they were secretly meeting a transformation, l’un et l’autre.

Further, the discrete power of the mise-en-scène, the visibility very evident with the abundance of grand plans, is found in the extreme attention to significant details.

He despises this insult, looking at Sylvia and at the mother who refused the croire. Franco chose justice to create a grand plan to take family photographs. The whole world is a debut, but after the work begins, Sylvia seems to dominate the whole world, at the beginning of the journey. Sa mère qui nous fait dos, et qui, en se deplaçant devante Sylvia, la hiding place of notre vue: she gives away the invisible girl in the essay de la fair (Jessica Harper, cult actress) Suspiriaest breve, mais saisissante).

This scene opens the most popular genre of emotional release in the relationship between Anne Hathaway and Debra Winger. Rachel is getting married (Rachel’s marriage).

Another passage of clé opens: a cell from a photo album, or the late epic of Saul. Elle était rousse, like Sylvia. Est-ce pour cela qu’il l’a suivie, ce factux soir? You seem to be confused to know what is disparu? Franco offered an encore without explicit expression.

Jessica Chastain’s Brio

Gagnant du prix d’interpretation in Venice, Peter Sarsgaard, vu notamment dans Kinsey and etc. Lost Daughter (Doll-will), but what is a retrospective trope reminiscent of an avant-garde plan is excellent. He was never in a role that, by nature, could interfere with the action of the game.

Oscar winner best actress Tammy Faye’s eyes (Les yeux de Tammy Faye), Jessica Chastain reveals some wonderful nuances. Star The tree of Life (The tree of Life) and etc. Zero Dark Thirty (Operation Avant l’Aube) essaierait de jouer faux qu’elle n’y Arrivalrait pas.

Il n’empêche… C’est là une Performance qui Commande Retenue et interiorité, et qui, à l’instar de la mise-en-scène, ne révèle son brio qu’a posteriori, parce qu’elle sera sera incrustée – oui – dans notre memoir .

Memory (VO)


Psychological drama by Michel Franco. Avec Jessica Chastain, Peter Sarsgaard, Brooke Timber, Merritt Weaver, Jessica Harper, Josh Charles, Elsie Fisher. Etats Unis, Mexico, 2023, 100 minutes. On sale.

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