Mercadona accepts customer complaint and makes the announcement many expected

Air fryers are a hot product. Some data shows this: according to analysis by price comparator, Demand for this product soared 157% last year.

For this reason, many customers are increasingly demanding products that make their lives easier and that can be prepared without any problems on these devices. Mercadona realized this opportunity and announced that The number of products suitable for cooking in air fryers will increase.

In a statement, Juan Roig’s company says the product list includes “a wide selection of frozen vegetables, The deep freezing process preserves its nutritional properties.

“They are also a great option for those They strive to save time in cooking without sacrificing texture and flavor. Young garlic has a soft and delicate taste; cauliflower, which retains its crunchy texture; a mixture of cauliflower, broccoli and carrots; and sweet corn, harvested at the optimal stage of ripeness and deep frozen, retains its natural sweetness,” he notes.

Mercadona also notes that it has included frozen Hacendado hake croquettes, cheese sticks, mild gouda cheese sticks in its air fryer product range; tuna dumplings that It is recommended to paint with egg first. cooking for better results; and vegetable tempura.

And more: Chicken nuggets, chicken delicacies, different types of frozen fish in batter, from breaded hake to battered shrimp, potato wedges and four types of lasagna with crispy gratin and juicy filling: bolognese, tuna, vegetables and meat.which come in packaging suitable for air fryers.

“To make cooking easier and to avoid dirtying the appliance, Mercadona offers your parchment paper and aluminum pans in different formats,” concludes the Valencian giant in its statement.

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