Mercedes-Benz Vitoria monopolizes new assistance for electric vehicle

On Tuesday, Pedro Sánchez presented the general directions of the new supply of industrial assistance for electric vehicles, estimated at 170 million, and yesterday the industry announced its distribution with a clear winner: Mercedes-Benz, which collected a total of 129.6 million euros (76% of the total) for its project to produce new electric vans and minivans, starting in 2026 at the Vitoria plant. If it accepts the industry resolution, the German company will receive almost 97 million euros in aid and another 31 million in loans.

This is Row B of Part 2 of PERTE on the EV value chain. and only 10 projects out of 138 submitted were assessed, since applications are examined in the order they are received into the system. This is one of the great new features of the first edition of PERTE.

Almost 800 million funds

After Mercedes-Benz, the next big beneficiary was Irizar, which produces buses, with 14 million. Euro. Then they appear Basvolt (10.5 million) and Nissan (4.7 million). The latter is through the Technical Center, which preserves old Barcelona sites.

The industry indicated that “the remaining submitted applications will continue to be assessed in the coming weeks” until the target amount is exhausted. This figure, by the way, increased from the original 559 million euros to 787 million by including funds that were not spent on Line A of PERTE II, specifically dedicated to batteries for electric vehicles.

Project Stellantis

Therefore, it remains to be seen what about the star project: a new family of small electric vehicles from Stellantis that will be produced in Vigo and Zaragoza. This is a key project as it will guarantee the future of both plants and, although the company has not confirmed this, it expects assistance of at least $100 million for a total investment of around $1 billion.

Considering what Mercedes-Benz has achieved with a smaller initiative, this seems quite simple if the project was adequately justified and timely. The industry argued that defects of this type a grant of only 56 million (compared to the 200 that the company expected) for the construction of a giant battery factory in Zaragoza, in which it will invest about 3 billion.

In any case, the ministry headed by Jordi Hereu insists that There will also be two new PERTE deliveries that you can take advantage of: one is allocated 300 million before the summer, and the fourth, whose funds will reach 1,250 million and is expected to be ready before the end of the year.

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