“Merci infiniment”, Amber Heard breathes the silence of the author of “Aquaman 2”

Par Francois R.

Amber Heard, after being released on parole, received the film “Aquaman 2” on the train to the ticket office.

Amber Heard - Mera in AquamanAmber Heard - Mera in Aquaman

Amber Heard aurait-elle fini sa traversée? It seems to me that the American actress, translator Measure within the franchise Aquaman, sort enfin la tête de l’eau. Let me remind you that it seems to me that the suite from the water blockbuster has already happened. bidet at the box office of Amber Heard under parole on her son’s account instagram. Breaking the silence when he was present on the camera, which ete sous le feu de projectors with the son, an ultramediatic process occurs with the opposition of the son of the ex, Johnny Deppin 2022.

In fact, Amber Heard discretely repeated parole through le Famousurséseau Social. She has no income from Depp’s affairs / I heard that she exposed all the fashionable things at exhibitions, but most of all at the latest outingsAquaman 2.After all this, Aquaman a fait son petit plouf (désolé, c’était trop tentant)— the actress launched in a publication on Insta. “Mercy to all my fans for keeping the unconditional life and love that was not done to bring Mera back in time Aquaman. Mercy infinity <3“Small flat: This is a device that is found in three scenes of this suite.

Amber Heard has turned into an upset Aquaman 2

Aquaman and Royal Fart This is a suite from the 2018 premiere film. Deja, in the era, Amber Heard plays the female lead, Mera. More about this second cuvée Aquaman These are not all repositories for the actress. And this role of mine is a little sad in this issue. Preparing for the famous Depp trial, Amber Heard was delighted by many critics. Imposing petition from the “fans” voulait même la couper du final editing. These days, rumors have spread throughout Hollywood. Will Amber Heard attend the pool party or not? After my treatises, fake news and indecision… Il se trouve qu’elle barbotte Finalement dans la pataugeoire avec Jason Momoa which interprets the role-name. Momoa, justice, in his aura pa non plus, he will deal with his playing partner. An anonymous source claims that during the tour the actor shows up “in Johnny Depp” and had a bad reception with Amber Heard at home. Bonn atmosphere. Ainsi, it’s hard to know if you mail D’Amber Heard on Instagram is ready to go out either for the first or second time. If the actress is sincere among fans of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) franchise or if she signed a carrément of eux with caustic irony in the film’s performance at the box office. Blonde’s revenge?

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