Messi would have won the Ballon d’Or if PSG had put France Football under pressure.

Argentinean Lionel Messibest winner in awards history Golden Ballwith eight awards would receive this recognition in 2021 after PSGthe club he was then playing for put pressure on their player to become a winner.

According to French media, such as Le MondeBoard of Directors of the Paris Club headed by Nasser Al-Khlaifigave gifts and trips with everything paid for at that time Pascal Ferretformer editor-in-chief of the magazine France Footballpublication that organizes the Ballon d’Or awards.

Ferre held the position until a year ago when he left to become a communications officer Paris Saint-Germain, which increases speculation. Following these revelations, the team from the French capital is under judicial investigation.

Likewise, the close relationship between the journalist and PSG would lead to the club reciprocating not only Golden Ball For Messibut also writing articles beneficial to the interests of the capital’s France Football team.

What were the results of the 2021 Ballon d’Or?

Delivery Ballon d’Or 2021 had its share of controversy as Messi won his seventh award in Paris with 22 percent of the trade press vote, in a close election where he narrowly beat Bayern Munich’s Polish striker by one percentage point. Robert Lewandowski.

During his acceptance speech Messi praised the former Bavarian player, saying he should have won a year earlier when the gala was suspended due to the pandemic. COVID-19.

The gunner, who for his part won The best that year he seemed not very happy with the words Messiand a few days later he reproached in an interview that his speech was insincere, since he did not vote for him in the confessions FIFA that year, awards, in which, in addition to the press, captains and coaches of national teams also participate.

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