Messi’s response to Nahuel Guzmán when he asks him to return to Newell’sHalftime

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After Lionel Messi achieve your dream of winning a world with Argentina, Nahuel Guzman has asked again the flea if he will return Newell’s Old Boysteam where he played in his beginnings in lower categories from 1994 to 1999, before emigrating to Barcelona.

the patonwho also played for Newell’s, is a friend of Messi and lived not long ago with the striker from psg on the Argentina national teamso he dreams of returning to this club if Lionel does.

Thus, in an interview with D Sports Radio, Nahuel revealed what Messi answers when he asks if he will return to Newell’s, because the goalkeeper’s permanence in the club also depends on that. tigers.

“I send Leo a little message every six months to see if he is coming back or not. I ask him to notify me three days before so I can pack my suitcase. He always gives me three ellipsis points. You never know when he’s going to say yes or no.”

“The day he tells me he is coming back, I grab a backpack, not even a suitcase, and I go. At some point I told him that if he was willing to play for six months or a year, I would accompany him. It is the excuse for them to take me,” said Nahuel.

Guzmán is 36 years old and has a contract in tigers until June 2024, but he has spoken with the board so that they let him go in case Messi returns to Newell’s.

“We return to dreams. It’s every Newell’s fan’s dream. As Leo’s former teammate, friend and colleague, I think it’s something he would like, he has said it in interviews and it has made noise. I see it, because if I don’t see it, the illusion is lost. I think it’s the dream of those of us who are Newell’s fans. Seeing him in the Newell’s shirt.”

“I imagine him with the shirt, the stadium, the people going crazy. Yes, you have to accommodate many things. I see him playing at home and on weekends when he doesn’t play as a visitor drinking dunks at home, as he likes to be. Let’s get excited, I think he deserves it, ”she said.

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