Meta begins selling licenses for the operating system of its virtual reality glasses


04/23/2024 at 03:20


Target began licensing the operating system for its Quest virtual reality glasses to other hardware manufacturers., like Lenovo and Asus, as announced by the tech giant’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg on his social networks. “Our goal is to make it clear that the open model is once again defining the next generation of computing with the metaverse, glasses and headphones,” Zuckerberg said in a video on Instagram, a Meta company.

Meanwhile, Meta will partner with third-party hardware manufacturers to create virtual reality headsets using its proprietary Meta Horizon operating system.

In his video, Zuckerberg notes that through this alliance, users will be able to “imagine” different styles of virtual reality glasses, from “lightweight” models that connect to PCs to provide the best working environment” to glasses focused on “vision.” immersive entertainment such as movies and videos on the highest resolution OLED screens or glasses “designed for exercise that are very lightweight and made of sweat-absorbing materials.”

With this measure, Zuckerberg makes it clear that He wants his company to be a more open platform than Apple., the company that released the Vision Pro virtual reality headset earlier this year, priced at $3,500. Today, some experts compare this meta-initiative to the Android alternative Apple Vision Pro, given that Android was a reaction to the iPhone. However, Meta did not specify commercial agreements with its hardware partners or the software’s business model.

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