METFORMIN ANTI-AGING DRUG | This is an anti-aging drug that will help us live to be 100 years old.

Although it’s hard to believe, there are drugs that are in vogue. Not for good results illnesses for which they were designed, but because they demonstrate effectiveness in problem solving which have little or nothing to do with his purpose. This is the case Ozempicdrug against diabetes which is used as weight loss. Celebrities made it fashionable in 2023 and it has become a rarity in Spanish pharmacies. Now something similar is happening with metforminanother diabetes medicine that is also powerful anti-aging solution.

Origin of metformin found in the plant Galega officinalis, commonly known as galega or Streetand is quite common in Europe and the Middle East. In the Middle Ages it was used for treatment excessive urination diabetics and sweating plague patients. In 1922, its main active ingredient was synthesized, which gave way to the medicine that is currently sold.

Longer lifespan

Experts assure that anti-aging it’s not only aesthetic problem. Various studies show that it also reduces the appearance age-related diseases. A research team from the Hong Kong Medical University published a study in 2023 in The Lancet Healthy Longevity about genetic properties metformin and its protective effects in the face of cardiovascular and neurodegenerative pathologies such as Alzheimer’s disease And Parkinson’s diseaseand some types cancer.

Ten years earlier, in 2014, scientists from Cardiff University They compared cardiovascular risk And mortality among patients taking metformin, people taking other medications for diabetes, and people without the disease. The results showed that patients taking metformin monotherapy experienced longer life expectancywhich is 38% higher than in patients receiving other medications and 15% higher than in people without diabetes.

However, experts believe that this is still it’s too early to draw conclusions and that much more research is needed before metformin is prescribed or sold in pharmacies as a medicine. anti-aging agent.

What the authorities say about metformin

World Health Organization (WHO) lists metformin as one of 591 medicines and 103 equivalent treatments “essential” to meet the population’s “priority health needs.”

On the other hand, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) recommended the suspension of the marketing authorization of this medicine, as well as 400 other generic medicines, of which 94 are sold in Spain. It is not that it identified safety or effectiveness problems, but that the EMA concluded that the information provided about its products was not valid. bioequivalence studies.

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