Mexico does not (once again) close the borders for Covid-

One, very brief exception, in March 2021 (but more to stop the migrant caravans than for the virus): for the rest, the Central American country has never stopped flights and cruises, and to enter there is no need for vaccinations. n tampons. The Minister of Tourism: a benefit for trade

Borders open in Mexico, despite Covid. The Central American country closed only briefly, in March 2021, the land borders to the north and south, to all non-essential activities. According to some critics, a decisive measure is more to stop migrant caravans than to counter the spread of the virus.

Then, not even the dreaded Omicron variant made the rulers change their minds. Mexico has no restrictions on visitor entry or the return of Mexicans from other countries – reads the official government page -. The Ministry of Health on alert at the entry points to the country to assist people who experience symptoms associated with the coronavirus and take the necessary measures.

Miguel Torruco Marqus, Minister of Tourism, explained without hesitation that the purely economic reason: Borders remain open for the benefit of tourism and commerce, and the result is there for all to see. We are the country that has experienced an economic fall due to the pandemic of 46% against 73% of the world average, and the top 10 tourism destinations we compete with have plummeted by up to 84%.

No veto on the landing of international flights or the disembarkation of tourists from cruise ships, even when there is an outbreak of Covid on board. recently happened with the cruiser Holland America, with 28 staff members positive for the infection, which was able to safely dock in the coastal city of Guaymas, with the blessing of the Mexican government: We stand in solidarity, the official statement said.

And for those who arrive there is not even the obligation of a molecular test or a vaccination certificate, though Mexico has recorded over 450,000 deaths from Covid.

For a country like Mexico, that it depends on tourism for almost 9 percent of its Gross Domestic Product and has a massive flow of migrants, workers and students across the US border, the cost of imposing travel restrictions “too high compared to utility,” said Hugo Lpez-Gatell (responsible government for the response to the pandemic), writes the Washington Post. And once a variant like omicron starts to multiply, locally transmitted cases dwarf the number arriving from overseas.

Many epidemiologists, both at home and abroad, contest the almost negationist positions of President Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador, who just a week ago minimized the possible impact of the Omicron variant in Mexico and the risk of a fourth pandemic wave. Since then, the cases have multiplied (on January 12, over 44,000 new cases were registered).

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