Michael Jackson impersonator drowns in Santiago de Cuba

A young Cuban from Santiago de Cuba, known for his imitations Michael JacksonSank in Santiago Bay on the morning of 1 January.

Freelance journalist Yosmani Mayeta Labrada announced the news on his Facebook profile, where he reported Yunior LaVerdesia WilsonBetter known as “” among his friends and relatives.Michael Jackson from Santiago de Cuba“, He was 38 years old when he died.

The journalist recalls, “At around one o’clock in the morning, the people who were with him saw that the 38-year-old young man jumped into the water of the ghat and started drowning.”

As Mayetta Labrada revealed, “His friends tried to save him until he disappeared from sight, but to no avail.”

The publication is accompanied by a video showing the rescue of the body, in which, according to a young man who gave his testimony to the Independent journalist, “he threw himself into the water and Idiot “Those who were on the pier at the time did not jump in to save him until he drowned and did not come out until the boat found him.”

The coast guard began a search at 3 a.m. until they found the lifeless body. “The body remained lying on the wall of the pier until about 7:00 in the morning, until it was placed in a funeral box and taken to a hospital in the province,” he said in his report.

The young man’s brother, who is currently imprisoned, could not attend his funeral, as prison authorities in Santiago de Cuba claimed they did not have transportation to facilitate his transfer to the cemetery.

Screenshot from Facebook/Yosmani Mayeta Labrada

Recently, the province of Santiago has been in the red with incidents murdered youth Or lost at sea.

A Public complaint is broadcast on social networks Created by a girl living in that area Anurgis Pérez Ferrerwhere he asks to find his partner David Castro Castillo And accused the officers of negligence who did not come to save him in time.

Pain and condemnation go hand in hand in the unfortunate incident that concerns this young 25-year-old fisherman, who disappeared on a beach in Santiago de Cuba in front of the desperate gaze of his companions and his community.

Last Saturday, December 30, David entered the sea for some time fishing and in search of daily sustenance. I was in the L Francis Beach And around 1:30 p.m., despite visibility, the distance and high wind caused residents to become concerned as it told them the young man was in trouble.

The family and community did not hesitate to act and repeatedly alerted the emergency number from 2:00 pm onwards about the serious condition of the young man at sea. However, the apparent lack of coordination and resources that characterized Cuba’s institutional response resulted in a series of unfulfilled promises.

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