Michel Leaño did not think about it and pointed to the culprit of Chivas’ defeat

Marcelo Michel Leaño pointed out Chivas' mistakes that cost them the game.
Marcelo Michel Leaño pointed out Chivas’ mistakes that cost them the game.

Chivas It’s still sad and they lost again, this time as a visitor against León by 2 goals to 1, and they continue to be a team without clear ideas and with players far below the level of performance they could give.

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Marcelo Michel Leano he hasn’t found a way to make Chivas play well and despite the fact that in some lapses of the games the team seems to improve, in general they haven’t had a good performance in most of the games that the coach has directed.

However, after the game against Lion, Marcelo Michel Leano did not hesitate to point to the culprit of the defeat of Chivasbecause he said that they lost due to inattention, and emphasized the error of the first goal of the Lion.

Who would be the culprit for Michel Leaño

Although he didn’t say it directly, the culprit behind the defeat of Chivas for Marcelo Michel Leano would Fernando Beltranwho made the mistake in the locals’ first goal and that is why the Herd rowed against the current throughout the match.

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