Microsoft introduces Copilot Pro, a paid version of its chatbot that takes artificial intelligence to the next level

It’s official: Microsoft has just launched Copilot Propaid version of their chatbot based on Generative AI. The tech giant made the announcement after it was leaked in the early hours of January 15, leading to the company making the news official.

At launch, this paid version will cost approximately 20 dollars per month (€18.27), giving professionals access to exclusive features in Word, Power Point and Excel, as well as the latest models OpenAI language And create your own GPT Copilot.

Copilot Pro promises to take Microsoft capabilities to the next level

Relatively recently, Microsoft launched its Artificial Intelligence Portfolio with the goal of improving the experience of both users and professionals, aiming to revolutionize the use of generative tools as we know them. Now the company created by Bill Gates is expanding on this experience with the introduction of its payment plan, which will also be available in mobile version with iOS and Android.

Today we’re announcing the availability of Copilot Pro, a new subscription that delivers the most advanced Microsoft Copilot features and capabilities for those who want to enhance their Copilot experience. Whether you need advanced help with writing, coding, designing, research, or learning, Copilot delivers better productivity, productivity, and creativity.“, indicates a company through your official blog.

You can do this with Copilot Pro

There are several innovations that this new functionality brings, but the main one is omnichannel AI experiencebecause Copilot Pro will understand the context of your Internet, computerdevice mobile or even yours Programs to provide you with the tools you need. In addition, the chatbot can be accessed from the Microsoft family of programs, from Word, Excel and Power Point to even Outlook and OneNote, either using a PC or with a Microsoft 365 subscription on Apple devices (iPad and Mac).

Other innovations that are causing concern among users include the ability to access to GPT-4 Turbo, the latest language model from OpenAI. Thanks to this, they promise to improve task performance, as well as provide the ability to switch between different language models to optimize the experience for each user. Regarding use DALLE-3they emphasize that their payment plan will bring the images to life Best qualityin addition to creating a landscape image format.

Screenshot of the mobile interface of Copilot Pro, the new paid version of Microsoft.Screenshot of the mobile interface of Copilot Pro, the new paid version of Microsoft.

Copilot GPT is a game changer

In addition to the innovations that we have just shared with you, the company also introduces GPT-co-pilot. With this feature you can customize behavior from Microsoft Copilot to match the topic you’re interested in, with the ability to choose between different GPTs on topics like travel, cooking, entertainment and more. To reinforce this point, the tech company will soon launch its Co-pilot GPT Builderwhich will allow users to create their own GPTs and share them with the world.

Copilot Pro is available on the Microsoft mobile version of the App Store and Google Play Store for a monthly fee of $20. For business plans, this rate increases to around $30 (€27.41) since they include Microsoft 365 Personal.

Image: Microsoft

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