Miguel Herrera admitted a mistake, saying that Tigres is already “old”

Miguel Herreracurrent coach Tijuana Xolos– a character who is usually surrounded by controversy due to statements that confuse rivals or even colleagues, as was the case just over a year ago when he said that Tigershis club at that time was already an old team.

After these statements Louse He left the university, and the composition of UANL was updated, but retained the idols of past years. This combination allowed him to have a very good 2023, where he won another world title. Liga MXas well as the second place for which Herrera was questioned in an interview TUDN for these words and admitted that he used incorrect terms in the said episode.

“And I told them later, after the conference ended and going to the locker room, I told them, ‘I made a mistake on some words,’ and I told them and apologized to them, to them to everyone in the locker room. …I made a mistake in my use of words.”

Subsequently Herrera admitted this, but also added that in his time he praised such first team players as Nahuel GuzmanGuido Pizarro, emphasizing his leadership, or a legend Andre-Pierre Gignacwhom he called a true professional.

“I said they are an aging team, but despite their elegance, the Tigres team still has a core of important people with great importance and maturity… then they filled the rest with high quality players. people, but young.”

Has Tigres become younger since Piojo Herrera?

Finally, Louse He added that during his time in the cat team, his and the board’s policies were relatively austerity, however he stressed that once he left the northern team, the greats signing millionaires began to arrive.

“All these people, with the exception of Ibañez and the people who came to this last tournament, I didn’t ask for them… I talked to the board at the time and it was about not spending so much money, it was about You hire people who were clearly important to the club and suddenly you leave and they spend a fortune on hiring staff.”

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