Miguel Ponce called Alexis Vega unprofessional

Miguel Ponceformer player Chivasexposed the lack of professionalism of Alexis Vega, a player whose footballing ability is recognized, resulting in his lack of discipline.

Amid rumors that the Holy Flock had frozen the player for refusing an offer from Cruz Azul, El Pocho, who is currently without a team, explained some of the mistakes that have marked the striker.

“I can tell you that he is a good friend, but how he considers himself a great player because he is sometimes late for traininghe doesn’t care whether he’s there or not, and ends up hurting and create a not-so-nice environment because the whole group wants the same thing, everyone comes early, and those things don’t go down well,” he said. TUDN.

However, his criticism did not end there as he also mentioned that Vega is a player who “sometimes doesn’t take care of himself” and that he doesn’t give the importance he deserves to his physique, something that is constantly on display with his noticeable excess weight.

“I think he needs to be a little more professional to have a great career because he’s very good, but yes, you need this sequence and this discipline to be the player everyone expects him to be.

Against considering Chikote an Americanist

Regarding Cristian Calderon’s move to Aguilas, Ponce admitted that it is not something he likes, but he knows it is an important opportunity for his former teammate to restart his career while still sending darts to the Holy Pack.

“These things could have been avoided if the club had done better administratively. When America and Chivas meet each other, there is sure to be a clash.“.

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