Milan, Giroud: which number? The French thinks of the “nine taboos”


With that shirt ten Rossoneri have failed. The former Chelsea has the curriculum to break the spell

The test of 9 has been widely passed: there are already ten examples of Rossoneri strikers who have not been able to collect the legacy of Filippo Inzaghi. The nine is not a detail: after SuperPippo undressed the shirt, no one approached his numbers.

The bomber jackets that wore the jacket with that figure on their shoulders suddenly found themselves popped up. Whether they were young or more experienced, Italians in the limelight or foreigners of international fame. Not even put all together they load the load of goals and trophies raised by Inzaghi: 126 goals for ten titles, including two league titles and as many Champions. The total dowry of the heirs stops at 116 goals, an Italian Super Cup raised by 9 Lapadula and 3 appearances in the Champions League of Pato from number 9 (the others had been wearing the 7). Will Olivier Giroud dispel the taboo? No one today boasts a curriculum like his: he is current European champion with Chelsea and reigning world champion with France. As for the goals, there are 221 with the clubs and 46 with the national team. And to try to reverse the trend, he has already received Ibrahimovic’s blessing.


Pato collects the shirt with the 9 in the summer of 2012: “I have always dreamed of it and now it is free”, said the Duck happy. The performance smiles much less, especially in comparison to the first seasons of the Rossoneri: 4 games in Serie A, zero goals. He will leave Milan in January to return to Brazil. Matri did better in 2013-2014, which rose to 1: a goal in 19 total appearances. Fernando Torres seems to have charisma and experience to change course: he arrives after lifting the World Cup and twice that of Europe with Spain and after having raised the Champions and Europa League with Chelsea and Atletico Madrid to the sky. With the Rossoneri nine he is assailed by melancholy: at the San Siro he lasts less than six months, from the summer to December 2014, when he celebrates his return to La Liga after ten games and a Milan goal in a draw against Empoli. So it’s up to Mattia Destro, hired with the formula of the loan with the right of redemption, never exercised. From January to May he scored 3 goals in 15 games, too few to convince the company to buy it outright. Performance that manages to double Luiz Adriano (36 games, 6 goals) but always a modest contribution: after a year and a half he flies to Russia. Up to Lapadula, hero of the B with Pescara and emerging young man on whom Milan chooses to bet: he is the only successor to Inzaghi to have lifted a trophy, the Italian Super Cup against Juventus, even if he misses the penalty following the draw in extra time. He finished with 29 appearances and 8 goals.


The last

The next attempt is to rely on a predestined: in the summer of 2017 the Chinese Milan buy André Silva for almost 40 million. Forty-one games also played in the Rossoneri, much less goals: 10, but with the merit of having touched the double digits. He rediscovered himself as a leader in the Bundesliga, closing the last season with 28 goals in 32 outings. Higuain, the gunner to whom Milan thinks of entrusting the ascent in the summer of 2018, tries again: a guarantee under goal, as demonstrated in A with Napoli and Juventus. He finished after six months with 8 Rossoneri centers in 22 appearances. For a decade he had not scored so little: 9 goals in 34 games in his first madridista season, when he was only a twenty-year-old of good hopes. At the reopening of the market he takes the first plane to London. One of the best recent examples is that of Piatek, exceptional at the Rossoneri debut: 9 goals in 18 games, at the end of the season he brings Gattuso to one point from the Champions League. He scores in all ways and Milan is crazy about his Pistolero with the number 19 shirt. In the summer of 2019 the Pole challenges the opposing defenses and fate. He chooses the 9 and tells the Gazette: “I do not believe in superstition and this curse. For me the 9 is the normality, everything will be fine as with the 19. I’ll be in great shape, you’ll see. It doesn’t scare me.” Goal count halved (4) in the second Milan championship ended in January with the sale to Hertha Berlin. The last was Mario Mandzukic, another Juventus player who with his shots had contributed to the Bianconeri successes. At Milan zero goals and many injuries: 10 games in the league, only one as a starter, and another game in the Europa League. Giroud is warned.


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