Miley Cyrus turned down Journey’s “Faithly”

Miley Cyrus brought ’80s class to the Chateau Marmont stage in Los Angeles. Reprise of Découvrez-sa on video.

Watch the video of Miley Cyrus interpreting Journey a sorti’s 1983 song “Faithfully”. Full black and white video Partagee sur les réseaux sociaux la montre en train de chanter l’hymne à Chateau Marmon (Los Angeles) devant Christmas Sapin.

Miley Cyrus listened to a clip of the premiere interpretation of her recent tube of “Flowers” while checking into a pre-Thanksgiving reception. Bien que le sapin laisse à senser que l’interpretation de “Faithly” a été faite pendant for the end of the year holidays, les deux vidéos semblet avoir été tournées lors de la Même Soirée.

The singer, who did not participate in a public concert, became almost all-out in 2023, and the previous concert was one of the first holiday events at the end of 2022 in Miami. The pre-Thanksgiving event marks the first public performance of “Flowers.” La Seule autre fois lors de laquelle ce morceau fut joué a eu lors d’une privée en mars avant la sortie de l’album Endless Summer Vacation.

Plus, earlier this year, Miley Cyrus announced she would be there ahead of her arena tour. The biggest tour of the day was in 2014 for the release of Bangers, the album had already been serviced 10 years ago. She has been among other tournaments, garden games and other festivals such as Glastonbury, Austin City Limits and Lollapalooza. The singer explained to Vogue UK that her fans dream of attending the Endless Summer Vacation tour.

“The singers of the centenaires de milliers de people are not pas se que je préfère” announcement. “Il n’y a pas de connexion. Pas de securité. This is not nature. This is also a way to isolate yourself, it seems that if you bring 100,000 people back, you are essentially dead. »

In a communique published on his website réseaux sociaux, the singer clarified this comment. Ainsi, she returns to the lack of communication and explains that “the reality of life on the route” is the meaning for her not being there plus the tournaire.

“Clearly, I feel like I never connect with my fans.” écrit-elle. “When I’m not going to concerts, my fans hold a special place in my soul. Je suis constamment dans un creative processus et j’innove dans les manière de rester en lien avec mon public, sans pour autant me sacrifier. »

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