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From the creators of Shakira’s Session against Piqué, “Flowers” came out. The song recounts the empowerment of Miley Cyrus and his video clipthey affirm, refers to his relationship with Liam.

The relationship that lasted almost a decade full of twists and turns ended very badly and to this day Miley has learned to channel her pain with songs.
“Flowers” was no exception. The record song for views that dethroned Shakira and Bizarrap premiered on January 12a few hours away from his ex’s birthday.

Miley and Liam were together for nine years

That was the beginning of the hints/directs, which was speculated to be a dedication to the actor, since it was not the first time that the singer decided to show her art to the public on Hemsworth’s birthday.

But when the video was released for all to see, hundreds of references filled the home of Twitter users.

The house in the video:

One of the rumors that resonates the most is the house where Miley decided to film the video. Which a Twitter user claims that Liam attended daily during his marriage to the singer, accompanied by womenbeing a total of 14 different women.

The one who brought the rumor to light was the culture observer “Pop Tingz”, and even though they have not confirmed it, it already has more than 49k “likes”,

Bruno Mars left his footprints too…

When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars was the love song that Liam dedicated to Cyrus at their romantic wedding. And her lyrics would be the answer to everything she relates.

Mars says in his lines, “I should have bought you flowers and held your hand,” and Miley replies, “I can buy myself flowers. And I can hold my own hand.” Like this throughout the chorus of the track.

The golden dress that not only Miley used

On the day of the premiere of the movie The Hunger Games, in which the actor starred with Jennifer Lawrence, the actress decided to dress up and remain in the memory of Miley represented in the video.

During that time there were strong rumors of love between the protagonists and Jennifer even confessed on one occasion to have kissed him away from the cameras.

Miley Cyrus in the video. Liam and Jennifer at the Hunger Games premiere.

The premiere outfit

Continuing with the speculations, in some parts of the video Cyrus is shown wearing a black suit that theories posted on TikTok say that he once wore it.

miley in suit

That occasion was the premiere of The Avengerswhere in a video circulating on the networks Liam is seen asking his girlfriend to “behave” because she had posed for a photo “licking” him and making the actor feel uncomfortable.

Liam and Miley at the premiere of The Avengers

Liam’s exercise routine that Miley copies in the video clip

This rumor is not documented anywhere, but it is another suspicion that his followers keep latent. In the video the singer can be seen doing exercises that they say, can be related to Liam’s routine.

Although during the separation process, the main reason that was talked about was infidelity, Miley had appeared on the networks to deny it.

“I can admit many things, but I refuse to admit that my marriage ended because of cheating,” was the singer’s tweet in 2019.

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