Miley strengthened the geopolitical turn and modernized the armed forces to gain entry into NATO

Xavier Miley with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The Argentine government strengthens the geopolitical turn and “modernizes” the armed forces to gain entry into NATO (EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni)

chairman xavier miley move forward with yourself change in foreign policy Which united Argentina with the United States, Israel, the G7, and a part of the European Union. A central part of that change is the decision to execute “”modernization” of armed forces As a requirement to gain entry into the country north atlantic treaty organization (NATO) as “global partner, louis petrieDefense Minister, was in Brussels this week where he presented letter of intent Which expresses the Casa Rosada’s request to join the world’s most powerful military alliance.

NATO is one collective defense system Which represents the geopolitical interests of the Western powers and considers Russia and Iran as enemies. Also in strategic issues, the global entry of the communist country China which can pose a threat to the member countries.

There is currently a defensive alliance 32 members permanent, in addition to nine “global partners”. Colombia It is the only state in the region with that quality. These are countries that are not located in the geography of the North Atlantic, but enter as allies under that status. To regain that label, Argentina will have to go through a process that could take a long time between three and four years,

Minister Petri delivered to NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Giona Argentina’s request to be declared a “Global Partner” of the hemispheric alliance.

To start the journey, petri kicked In Brussels. Delivery of letter of intent formalized with application minimum viable program, to which Argentina said it was willing to contribute to NATO. The minister was also with him juan battlemeSecretary for International Affairs of the Ministry of Defense and his principal advisor on foreign policy, and by Brig. Xavier Julian IsaacChief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Argentine Armed Forces.

Miley wants to work Theoretical and material modernization Of forces. Know that through NATO you will be able to receive supplies, logistics and training. The process is already underway and Petri has been working in this direction since December 10.

Met the Defense Minister on Thursday Mircea Ziona, Deputy Secretary General of NATO, to whom he presented Argentina’s letter of intent. They discussed it at a meeting in Brussels, the headquarters of the international organization Challenges in security and defense From Europe and Latin America. Senior military coalition official thanked Petrie “Help” To ukraine In humanitarian aid like food and medicine.

The headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in Brussels (EFE/Stephanie Lecoq)

In another sign of geopolitical alignment with Western powers, Balcarce 50 supports Kiev in the war against Russia. Argentine government welcomed this decision Lok Sabha of the United States, which approved yesterday aid package to ukraine 61 billion dollars, NATO celebrated the measure through a statement by its Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Parallel to coordination with the North Atlantic Military Alliance, Miley Deepens its alignment with Washington DC, That bond is reflected in defensive matters as well. On the same day that Petrie was meeting with NATO representatives in Brussels, the White House made the official announcement. sending financing to argentina,

“The United States of America is proud to announce that it is granting Argentina 40 million dollars In foreign military financing (FMF) to support defense modernisation,” reported mark stanleyThe North American ambassador in Buenos Aires said in a statement released through his X account that the FMF is a security assistance subsidy that Washington “reserves for.”key partners,

Argentine Defense Minister Luis Petri met with Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs and Security Policy Javier Colomina in Brussels.

that money will go Financing the acquisition of 24 F-16 aircraft Which Argentina bought from Denmark. During his European tour this week, Petrie was also in Copenhagen for the North American fighters’ contract signing. “The US government is working closely with our Argentinian partners Strengthen Argentina’s security and the defense partnership between the two countries under the banner of the F-16 program,” the letter distributed by the US ambassador concluded.

In the same sense, NATO issued a statement on Thursday in which it celebrated Buenos Aires’ intention to join the organization. “Argentina plays Important role in Latin America And I appreciate today’s request to explore the possibility of becoming a NATO partner,” Mircea Giona said on his X account.

Washington and military alliance consider a Threat presence of their geopolitical interests bases He China is in patagonia. And they contribute with Argentina Talk Beijing is advancing on the point on the globe that serves as the gateway to Antarctica and controls the Strait of Magellan, a strategic route for international trade.

Defense Minister traveled apart from F-16 norway on Friday to attempt to unblock purchases of four norwegian aircraft Which started the administration of Alberto Fernandez. these are planes P-3 Orion which is used marine video surveillance,

during a meeting in Oslo Anne Marie EnerudThe Norwegian Secretary of State for Defence, officials reached an agreement to negotiate the deadline for the purchase of the P-3 and unlocked the authorization to equip the aircraft. Furthermore, he expressed Mili’s interest in deepening relations with Norway on maritime issues.

Argentina signed a contract with Denmark for the purchase of 24 F16 aircraft

Who even gave importance to the wishes of Casa Rosada javier colomina, NATO Deputy Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs and Security Policy, with whom he had another meeting with the Argentine Minister during his stay in Brussels. During meetings in Belgium, the leaders of the military alliance valued Argentina’s support for Ukraine and discussed common interest in security issues. Maritime and Cyber ​​Security,

as he knew infobae, Giona and Colomina committed to “expediting” the approval process of Argentina’s request as a “global partner”. Steps to follow include NATO subcommittee Will evaluate the letter and minimum viable program sent by the government. Again, the consent of all 32 member states is required.

With Miley’s orders, Petrie moves in that direction to garner international support. does this together with Diana Mondino, Chancellor of Argentina. They already have the approval of Washington, which is NATO’s most powerful member.

National Strategy Secretary George Antonello and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief Rafael Grossi at the Nuclear Energy Summit in Brussels in March this year

Miley began talks with NATO last month. on 21st March Nuclear Energy SummitOrganized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), chaired by Argentine diplomat rafael grossi, Argentina sent the Secretary of National Strategy as its representative, George Antonello, As relevant as he is, he is also a low-profile official who hangs around nicholas pause, the nation’s Chief of Staff. On that visit, the Casa Rosada conveyed the political will for NATO to adopt “global partner” status.

during the presidency of carlos menemArgentina “had managed to happen” in 1997additional nato allies, A category that allowed the government to have an office in Brussels and receive instructions and war equipment. The former president of Rioja tried to deepen that situation, but he did not succeed. During Kirchnerism, both Nestor As Christina Fernandez De Kirchner He adopted a foreign policy change that distanced the Balkers 50 from Washington and its allies.

Miley now intends to end the alliance with a surge in status. The quality of the “global partner” will allow Argentina to deepen its defensive skillsAccess to equipment for the armed forces, receive military training and obtain information useful to geopolitical movements.

G7 countries condemn Iran’s war attack against Israel

The balance of power in the international system was shaken over the weekend. The attack, involving 200 missiles, drones and 60 tons of explosives, was used by Iran against Israel, escalating the conflict in the Middle East and raising alarm bells globally. It is in this context that Argentina is carrying out a change in foreign policy with a new horizon of strategic alliances.

Amid international tensions due to Tehran’s attack on Israel, NATO rejected the bombings implemented by the Ayatollah regime. He did so through his spokesperson Farah Dakhallah: “We condemn the escalation by Iran, we call for restraint and we are closely monitoring the developments. “It is important that the conflict in the Middle East does not get out of control.”

The President of Argentina, Javier Milli, with the head of the United States Southern Command, Laura Richardson, the United States Ambassador to Argentina, Mark Stanley, and the Argentine Minister of Defense, Luis Petri (EFE/Presidency of Argentina).

G7 countries also adopted the same attitude. The United States, Germany, France, Canada, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom condemned the attack by the Persian power. These are all the nations, except Asian countries, that make up NATO.

There will be a summit of the chairpersons of that forum of powers between 13 and 15 June. The situation in the Middle East is expected to be one of the central topics of the conference. Miley was invited to attend the G7 meeting georgia melloniPresident of the Council of Ministers of Italy, the country that exercises the pro tempore presidency of that international bloc.

Although he has not yet made his presence official, the President knows that participation in this forum will give him the opportunity to strengthen the search for consensus on strengthening NATO access.

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