Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things publishes New Marches: que vaut son premier roman?

Millie Bobby Brown is a British actress, model and producer, born in 2004 in Marbella, Spain, who starred in the fantasy series Stranger Things in 2016. At age 14, she became the youngest UNICEF Ambassador. La même année, she appears on TIME magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in the world. Aujourd’hui, the global Netflix star touched a new world, swooning from literature, adapting to Roman history outside the community of the great mother, pendant in the world’s second war. Il s’agit de “Dix-neuf Marches”, aux éditions Robert Laffont en France, published 25 January.

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Roman inspired novel

In 1942, there was a threat of aircraft bombing in London. Nellie Morris, a young 18-year-old girl, tries to maintain a normal existence even with her family, in the neighborhoods of Bethnal Green. Lorsque les sirènes d’alerte aériennes retentissent, Nelly, her parents, son jeune frère et sa petite sœur se precipitent vers la Station de Metro la plus proche pour se refugier, Bethnal Green. When you left, you quickly walked down the red and blue stairs; dix-neuf Marches les séparents de l’abris. Un jour, une catastrophe bouleverse leurs fries. The disaster that occurred on March 3, 1943. In London today, sirens are kept in the shadows and in the dark. More than a thousand people will arrive at Bethnal Green tube station. A man glides along the marches, carrying with him the chute de plusieurs autres. Cent soixante-treize personnes, dont soixante-deux enfants, périssent écrasées. This tragedy is considered the largest part of the life of the civilian population of au Royaume-Uni before the outbreak of World War II. In “Dix-neuf Marches,” Millie Bobby Brown rejoices at this historical event, puise dans ses ses rasines britanniques et plonge lecteur dans le récit poignant de sa propre famille.

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What wout are they Romans?

Bien qu’en pleine seconde guerre mondiale, ce roman commique la Joie de vivre de sa jeune Heroine Nellie qui nous Transporte d’événements en accidents. It’s easy to get caught up in the anticipation of a fight while talking about it. Appreciate simple literature as profiles of different characters, as well as additional information about them. The intensity of the action and richness of feeling make for enjoyable reading.

Scandalous book author

“Dix-neuf Marches” was co-written with author Kathleen McGurl. Pourtant, son no brille pas en lettres d’or sur la couverture du livre, contrairement à celui de l’actrice. Millie Bobby Brown’s first novel has also been republished in a book written by celebrities with the help of “ghost writers.” Millie Bobby Brown was not the premiere co-writer: Ethan Hawke and Hillary Clinton, famous public figures approached the authors for book readings. So, question pose, is this Roman etiquette – is it a label product under the pseudonym of a star? A simple marketing coup?

In September 2023, Millie Bobby Brown will share a photo of herself on Instagram, the main book, with words from Kathleen McGurl. Legend of the Indiquait edition: “Je n’aurais pas pu le faire sans toi! ” While in the comments on the Internet he immediately stifled criticism, accusing the actress of “taking credit.” In a March 2023 Sur Son blog post, Kathleen McGurl explains that there is “rich research to be done that will lead to success for Millie and her family, as well as those who dream big.” To prepare for writing, the two women switch again on Zoom before Kathleen McGurl reprises the novel’s premiere. Millie Bobby Brown continued to share her author’s reflections via WhatsApp, an ensemble of two works “peaufinaient l’histoire”. Le livre a connu plusieurs Versions avant la Finale Publication, Parue dans les Librairies Françaises le 25 January.

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