Ministry of Transport gives new impetus to the first 2+1 highway in Aragon

The Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility has given a new incentive Conversion of N-230 into 2+1 highwayThe First Through these features that it will have Aragon, will follow the steps of Navarre, where they have already applied this formula on the An-121 communicating with France. Too Rioja This solution will be adopted for a section of N-232.

This type of roads are widespread in countries such as Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, Ireland, USA, Canada and Australia. Three lanes, one for each direction of traffic and a central lane reserved for overtaking and which is optional,

Its main purpose is eliminate accidents Due to frontal or frontal collision in maneuvering overtaking, certainly one of the biggest threats of the An-230. According to studies, one of the 33% effectiveness In reducing accidents.

The second important advantage is economic because it has a Much lower cost than partitioning. For example, on the N-230, it is estimated that the Alfares-Benbarre section will cost 79 million euros, when conversion The highway will cost six or seven times more, Its environmental impact is also less.

The Directorate General of Highways has just given the award Drafting of the section between the Alfaras (Lerida) version and the Benabéré TPF with an offer of 1.5 million euros for the joint venture formed by the companies Gettinsa Euroestudios SL and Pinol Sanjaume SL. The contract has a performance period 24 months So it should be ready in spring 2026, Drafters will study the need for the project to undergo a simplified environmental impact assessment.

The Ministry, in response to the request of the mayors of the municipalities of Huesca and Lerida, through which passes the road that connects the capital of Lerida to the French border in Viella, crossing the eastern border of Alto Aragón, In the last assembly they had already refused to convert these 163 kilometers into highways., It was decided to limit the A-14 to the initial 24 km up to Alfaras and from there continue as a 2+1 road to improve road safety by avoiding overtaking and thus reducing the risk of accidents. possible, especially with heavy vehicles and at intersections. , And most of it crosses mountainous regions with difficult terrain. Speed ​​will be between 80 to 90 km/h,

2+1 roads are like this

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