Mirandes returns goal and path to victory over Villarreal B

Mirandes regained his smile in Anduve after an authoritative victory over Villarreal B in a contest he controlled from start to finish thanks to the superb baton of Lachouer, who gave a masterclass in pacing. The local coach was forced to rearrange some pieces in the starting lineup. Ruben Sanchez’s last-minute departure forced the red club to strengthen their position in the winter market. Mendes landed in Anduwa, but with only two training sessions under his belt, he was not chosen for the fight. Juan Maria changed his profile to position himself on the right sideBye Reyna and Lachouer were selected in midfield.

The Rojillos took to the field with the intention of taking the game to their own court, although they failed to create any truly dangerous chances in the early stages. It’s more The subsidiary’s first attempt came with a header from Jorge Pascual, which went just wide of the goal. to the right of the frame. Lishi’s students had the opportunity to take the lead after losing the yellow ball. Alvaro Sanz led the transition, but Ilyas Chaira took the wrong shot with his left foot missing an opportunity. Soon after, the Moroccan winger returned in search of goal. This time his shot went over the crossbar.

As the clock approached half an hour, Mirandez had his way. Juan Maria made an accurate shot into the penalty area, and Carlos Martin took advantage of the candy and headed the ball into the net. (1-0). The goal spurred on Habato’s side, who were on the verge of extending their lead three minutes later. Lashuer took a shot from the edge of the penalty area and hit the post. The match was intense, with several accidents on the ramps that forced the intervention of medical services. And Mirandez was able to take advantage of this turmoil. First with Gabri’s shot, and then with the ball into the area, which Juan Maria could not catch by centimeters at the far post.

The subsidiary also did not respond in the second act.

Before the break, Mirandez was able to score Juan Maria’s second goal on the right flank. Its low center It reached the feet of Reyna, who was looking for an opening, although she also found a fantastic answer from Ruben. Gomez, who evaded the target. The second half began the same way the first ended. Mirandez pressed and Carlos Martin had a new goal in mind. The headline went up a little higher. Miguel Alvarez waited for the mini-sub to react, allowing Ontiveros and Collado access. However, the subsidiary suffered another blow. Lashuer defeated Ruben Gomez point-blank (2-0). Castellon’s sleeping defense was wrong after passing the corner.

The third goal was not long in coming as the Villarreal B team gave up. Carlos Martin intercepted the ball early in the game and found Ilyas Chaira in the box. The Moroccan player saw Gabri unmarked and could only send a pass into the back of the goal. (3-0). There was no more game in Anduwa. The red fans had fun and saw the debut of Mendes and La Gumina in the red jersey. Mirandes leaves the hot zone, and the reserve team will have to keep rowing in search of salvation.


Diego Collado (57′, Jorge Pascual), Javi Ontiveros (57′, Thiago Geralnik), Daniel Requena (69′, Carlo Garcia), Antonio Espigares (69′, Lunchi), Ibrahima Kebe (73′, Alvaro Sanz), Ubulan Mendez (82′, Mathis Lachuer), Aitor Gelardo (83′, Rodri Alonso), Antonino La Gumina (83′, Carlos Martin), Diogo Verdasca (92′, Alberto Reina), David Vincent (92′, Juan Maria Alcedo)


1:0, 28′: Carlos Martin2:0, 67′: Mathis Lachouer3:0, 74′: Gabriel Martinez


Referee: Alvaro Moreno Aragon
VAR Referee: David Galvez Rascon, Miguel Sesma Espinosa
Lunches (35 minutes, Yellow) Antonio La Gumina (85 minutes, Yellow)


Classification P.T. PJ P.G. Emergency PP

37 24 9 10 5

36 25 10 6 9

33 25 8 9 8

33 24 8 9 7

33 24 9 6 9
Classification P.T. PJ P.G. Emergency PP

26 25 6 8 eleven

25 25 6 7 12

25 25 6 7 12

25 25 6 7 12
twenty one

23 24 6 5 13

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