MLB LAUNCHES Challenge to Fans

Major League Baseball It is the oldest active sports league in North America today. 2023 will mark the 120th anniversary of the agreement that united American League And National League create what is known today as Major League Baseball.

The photos show the celebration of champions World Series over the past 72 years.

A one-minute video begins with a title New York Yankees O New York Giants in 1951 and continues until 2023. You can see the celebration here Texas Rangersthe group that was able to lift the title for the first time World Serieswith Cuban Adolis Garcia as a figure in Postseason.

Every World Series Final celebration since 1951 has taken less than a minute. đź‘€“, says the publication.

Except, Major League Baseball adds a challenge to amateurs Big Suspender when asked which team he thinks will be celebrating in 2024.

Several teams are poised to win the MLB World Series in 2024.

As early as 2024, there will be several favorites that could appear in this photo late next year. Maybe in Los Angeles National League Dodgers become a favorite after hiring Shohei Ohtani, Tyler Glasnow And Yoshibonu Yamamoto. While in American League, New York Yankees After arriving in the Dominican Republic, he has many opportunities. Juan Soto.

However, nothing less can be done with MLB’s October party regulars.

This is the case Houston Astros, winner World Series in 2017 and 2022 or Atlanta Braveschampion 2021. Apart from other leading organizations such as Philadelphia Phillies, Minnesota Twins, Miami Marlins, Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, Tampa Bay Rays, among the others.

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