MMA: “Meme Beyoncé, it didn’t happen!” Cedric Doumbe and Bucky returned to the Accor Arena more than a few minutes after the fight was announced.

After the announcement of the fight between Cedric Doumbe and Baki, the premiere venues of the Accor Arena are put up for sale. It took a few minutes for all the tickets to be sold.

Le Battle était attitu, il va Enfin Avoir Lieu. After “trash talk” (chambrage, NDLR) on social networks, the fight between Cedric Doumbe and “Baki Aura” will take place on March 7 at the Accor Arena. La grande gueule du MMA français is a post-video on the account of the video X faisant office de teaser. At the site of the organization of the PFL, the insult of Baki against Dumbe took place, which took place in a large-scale conversation about social resolutions.

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Ce vendredi, au l’endemain de l’annonce du Battle, le Battletant français a annoncé fièrement que l’ensemble des billets pour l’énement avaient été vendus. Judy, all tickets are sold on the Parisian talent platform available to trouvé-preneurs, so the ancient kickboxing champion can be compared to the biggest stars on the planet. “Même Beyoncé, elle ne fait pas ça”, with the caption “Même Beyoncé, elle ne fait pas ça”, sold out in 20 minutes.

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When the morning hours are sold, what valuable sesame seeds are delivered to the party in PFL. The root of mare is poursuivi. An attention list that is created in new sales or refusal locations. However, these opportunities may be few and far between as the evening features an ensemble of fans.

La fougue contre l’expérience

Il faudra toutefois attre sept semaines, and perhaps some sessions of “trash chat” were not the secret of Cedric Doumbe, in order to see the two men. All two invaincus in MMA, two parkour fighters are very different.

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Since “The Best” had a distinguished career in kickboxing, ahead of MMA, “Baki” is a product of this discipline, the latest in France. At 22, he is considered one of France’s greatest talents.

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