Mode: new series with Kate Winslet

Arrests, panic crises, emotional events and other events accompany the existence of a regime that creates a “new Europe”.

La deuxièmebande-annonce nous montre une Winslet machiavélique et Calculatrice (also flamboyante que la reine Anne dans Favorite), who is ready to retain power with all his might and get what it looks like at the blinds fair le Logan Roy de Continuity.

Distribution date Mode

Following HBO’s announcement, the series will air on the platform on March 3, 2024 to reveal a story rich in surprises…

De quoi parle Mode ?

The synopsis is clear: “The regime is authoritarian est sur le point de s’effondrer. “Nous pénétrons entre les murs de son palais et vivons les événements qui l’agitent pendant une année.”

Kate Winslet embodies a woman who becomes a charismatic leader for her people, who can find the son of Pouvoir everywhere and destroy all people under her power. Chief Presidential Envoy and Negotiating Envoy…

Sa Proposal: Kate Winslet’s Chief Power Builder. Moreover, the confidence and authority of the president’s team, which creates all sorts of problems, also suppresses attacks of anger…

Casting Mode

Kate Winslet is the producer and star of the story, who also plays the role of Hugh Grant, appearing in the series telling Cancel with Nicole Kidman and others. Very English scandal with Ben Whishaw; Matthias Schoenaerts, your dancing Amsterdam and etc. De rouille et d’osGuillaume Gallien and Andrea Riseborough, nominated for an Oscar in 2023. The cast also includes Danny Webb, David Bamber, Henry Goodman, Stanley Townsend, Louis Minette, Rory Keenan, Karl Markovic and Pippa Heywood.

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