“Modern medicine has made it possible to do some things…”

Ralf Schumacher, Michael’s brother, spoke on his 55th birthday and spoke about new treatment methods.

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A few days ago it was ten years since the skiing accident. Mikhail Schumacher who would have turned 55 today, January 3, 2024. For the last ten years, news about the former German pilot has been coming in little by little, the family does not want to give details of his condition and keeps it in the strictest confidence. He Kaiser He is bedridden at home, surrounded by his family and closest friends. His brother Ralf Schumacher spoke about his health and new medical methods, and Glock told where he would be if not for the accident.

Timo Glock, a big fan of the seven-time Formula 1 world champion and his compatriot who also competed as a driver in the Formula 1 World Championship, revealed what Michael Schumacher will be like today. German believes that Shumi I would be in the paddock today, of course, more as a team manager than as a commentator: “Maybe not in the first half of his career, maybe later.” “I would always be in the Formula 1 paddock, but I don’t know if I would be a commentator,” Glock said.

The former German racer assured that Michael Schumacher will work “for the sport for which he lived.” “I wouldn’t become a Formula 1 expert in front of the cameras. Yes, I would give an interview, but I think I would work for the sport I lived for. “That would be his position if he decided to stay in the paddock,” said the former Jordan, Toyota, Virgin and Marussia player.

“I spent a lot of time cycling with him and when he returned to Mercedes and I was racing for Virgin and Marussia, we played a lot of chess. I had never played chess in my life, and he taught me how to play.. We played endless games in flight, and I really liked it when I managed to beat him, because I hated losing,” Glock added in an interview with the publication. Betting sites.

Finally, Glock spoke about Schumacher’s ability to manage a Formula 1 team, that is, a team leader such as Toto Wolff, Mike Krak or Fred Vasser: “Supervisor? Maybe not in the first part of his departure, maybe later.. But without a doubt he would be a good person in this position because he knows exactly what he needs,” explained the former German racer.

New treatments

Doctors will test new treatments with Michael Schumacher. In recent days it has been said that they will try to stimulate the German driver with the sounds of racing engines, a Mercedes racing car, new technologies, very secret modern tests in order to try to improve his health. .

His brother, Ralf Schumacherappreciated these techniques: “Fortunately, modern medicine has made it possible to do something., but still everything is not the same as before. The family continues to fight and do everything possible for the Kaiser to recover, to bring back to Germany the figure they idolize so much and who brought them so much joy in the past. Michael remains the driver with the most Formula One titles in history, tied with Hamilton.

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