Monica Bellucci (59 years old) makes money off her girls in France: “Il faut avoir…

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Toujours also activates sur les écrans: in addition to the two films that will be released in 2024, Monica Bellucci Donne néanmoins la Priority à ses Deux Girls, where they are especially close. At the same time, enjoying her own experience of traveling around countries for a year, the actress and fashion model, who do not value their knowledge, consult in their childbirth. En toute honnêtete.

Son seul nom it is enough to respect an entire generation. At 59 years old, Monica Bellucci is also in demand in films, and will be on the poster for Beetlejuice 2 and Paradis this year. Mais au-delà de son illustrates a dual acting career and a fashion model that gives permission to exist for a triple actress la riche d’Italie with an environmental net worth of $45 million, elle est avant tout une mère de famille.

Today it is a couple with Tim Burton, a native of Città di Castello, and, in fact, two girls who stand out from their union with Vincent Cassel (Virgo, 19 years old, and Leonie, 13 years old). And during this period, charnière pour chacune d’elles, l’Italienne s’assure d’etre presente au Maximum, et de distiller ses meilleurs conseils… notamment sur la France.

Pourquoi Monica Bellucci sees her girls as a priority for France

In a long portrait realized by Madame Figaro, the interpreter of Cleopatra in Asterix and Obelix explains that if all her daughters are children in Rome, then she is souhaitait ardemment, they do not pass by the clair de leur scolarité in Paris. In confirmation of the French nationality of her father-father, Monica Bellucci concluded that there was no “vertebral column” of the Virgin and Leonie left in France:

Elles ont grandi au Bresil, in Italy, in France, most of all I want to explain that there cannot be a pas se dire “de partout”. French culture is the basis. Il faut avoir une identité solide afin de s’ouvrir aux autres. Il faut une colne vertebrae.

So, Deva, who “has an artistic streak” selon sa mère, semble déjà vers le cinéma, l’actrice et mannequin, confirms avoir déjà mis en garde ses Girls:

Mes filles, je les ai Mises en garde, launch Monica Bellucci. They know that abuses exist, in particular dès qu’il ya du pouvoir, dans ce métier, comme ailleurs.

By the way, is Monica Bellucci a feminist? Without answering “yes” or “no” to this question, he will congratulate all participants in the “Me Too” movement and the changes of recent years:

I remember all the women born with our rights. We filles pourront a jour parler sans crier, they were understood, c’est la grande différence. Les chooses change, et c’est bien. In fact, plus attention à la manière dont at aux autres, et c’est louable.

I’m talking about the behavior of men in my eyes. and ne suis pas plus forte qu’une autre, mais j’ai eu de la chance, ça n’a was never extreme.

Excellent mother, Monica Bellucci, de Donner’s essay talks about her girls who can be strong in fois s’épanouir and éviter les pièges qui pourraient croiser leur. In any case, if you have chosen, you are sure: Virgo and Leonie are ancrées en France avant tout, and they never miss him. Yes it is!

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