Monica Bellucci’s daughter doesn’t look like a plus du tout

Somptueuse quoi qu’elle porte, Maid of CasselEst la digne héritiere de la beauté de sa mere. Parfaitement bien dans ses ses cords et suffisamment à l’aise face à l’objectif, young women 19 years old and multiplying projects with the largest brands and magazines.

Virgo Cassel radically changes her style and looks no more like Monica Bellucci.

Dernièrement, c’est avec le tout puissant Zara, que la sœur aînée de Léonie Cassel et demi-sœur d’Amazonie Cassel (née de l’union entre Vincent Cassel et Tina Kunakey), official son, part of “la cour des” grandees.” And to carry out, more than ever, this advertising campaign in collaboration with Latinos in fashion to appreciate them. best compliments to the main interest, so Similarities with Monica Bellucci This is Frappante. Somme, Maid of Cassel It’s not exactly like “not a child” etiquette, when it is, the car is good, what do ultra-celebrity parents do, a young woman and her se demarker en suivant sa propre voie au cours des dernières annees.

Appelée pour défiler pour des maisons de luxe during Fashion Week. Maid of Cassel This is a regular on the catwalks of Dolce & Gabbana, Jacquemus, Coperni, Courrèges and a constant invitation to fashion shows. house of dior.

De quoi suciter l’inérêt de la presse, et lui valoir d’innombrables, ghosts in couvertures Fashion (designations with Monica Bellucci, fashion italy July 2021) etc. ELLE Italy. Talented and photogenic, Maid of Cassel The latest part for his fans on Instagram: a new shoot where he is the main character. À la grande surprise de ces derniers, top model and actress (qui a fait ses Premieres pas dans Beautiful estate this year) and apparaît métamorphosée.


Sublime, Deva Cassel changes the stylistic register

Step out of dark brown hair, bouclé soups and follow the charbonneux signatures. Pour shooting kisses with King Axl, Maid of Cassel change in tone. So many platinum blondes, so many deep blues, Monica Bellucci’s eyes also include several characters from the photo series.

Inspiration of a geisha for a premiere image composed of a robe in a false four-armed style and restoration in tress, les tenues de la jeune femme changent du tout au tout sous l’œil du Photography. Des tenues reversantes, qui s’éloignent du stylistic repertoire of the Virgin of Cassel Get into the habit of giving presentations to your fans. Result? The model and actress remain unanimous on social networks.

Are you a major fan? They re Vincent Casselwho is the empress of comments for communicating with a girl ” Mommyaaa ”, a message dressed in color and fiery emoticons. Tina Kunakey (the alleged former beauty who could potentially be separated from Vincent Cassel) was next to blush, in the legend of the photo carousel. Belle comme jamais, Maid of Cassel Continue the metamorphosis of your legendary career.

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