Monologue in Cartagena del Elche, which attacks the playoff positions for entry into La Liga EA Sports

CARTAGENA. This time yes. This time the monologue with the ball was accompanied by the necessary success in front of goal. He Elche signs an outstanding meeting in Municipality of Kartagonovawhere he wins thanks to a beautiful goal “Nico” Castro and storm the positions “playoffs” for promotion to LaLiga EA Sports.

The Argentine’s goal in the 56th minute in a very good game from his compatriot “Nico” Fernandez (and from Mario Gaspard dragging the defense), the team is standing Sebastian Beccacece (this Sunday in the stands because of the sanction; his assistant William Marino led the bench) to their twelfth win in 28 days, their fifth as a guest, and finished fifth with 44 points (their best result this year), three less than Spanish language, who occupies the second of the direct promotion positions and one more Ferrol Racing And Sporting, which are sixth and seventh respectively.

Josan joins Jose Salinas in the list of newcomers in the eleven

With two new features in 1-5-3-2/1-3-4-2-1 regarding the draw against Eibarexpected Jose Salinas for authorized Carlos Clerk in the axis of the rear part to which it is attached Josan in the right lane to the detriment Carreirathat is, with Dituro at the gate; Mario Gaspard, Bigas and the aforementioned Salinas as the central trio; Josan and ‘Tete’ Morente as stripes; John, “Nico” Castro, Rodrigo Mendoza And “Nico” Fernandez over a wide area; And Murad In the forefront, Elche started the match, the first 25 minutes of which exceeded 70% possession and featured up to seven corners. However, they failed to find a way to the goal in the first 45 minutes… like their opponent (throughout the game), the Cartagena team, who always preferred to organize themselves defensively and try to go on a counterattack, but this hardly threatened the integrity of the goal defended Dituro, both before and after passing through the locker room.

A draw shown on the scoreboard at half-time could have cost the team’s players Julian Calero (they haven’t lost a single league match in all of 2024 and have five wins and a draw to their name), because this ensures they are guaranteed to stay out of the relegation zone at the end of the day, but not in Elche if they want. to close it within the promotion play-off positions.

The winning goal

Instead of taking a step forward (it was difficult to control the ball better or show more intensity when the ball wasn’t theirs), Beccacece’s team needed to sharpen their aim enough to capitalize on some of their chances. “Nico” Fernandez was the first of the Franchiverde in the second act to test Raul Lizoan, who in the 56th minute could do nothing to avoid the previously mentioned goal of “Nico” Castro. The player’s fourth goal Rafaela In the current league season, he unleashed a right-handed shot from the edge of the area, triggered by a pass from “Nico” Fernandez, as part of a game in which Mario Gaspar’s tactical drag also played an important role.

The goal eventually paved the way for Frangiverde’s team, who didn’t need to score for a second to take the three points, but they came close almost after taking the lead on the scoreboard and with the mediation of “Nico” Fernandez. , but a shot from Santa Fe player Raul Lisoain saved him from the penalty area.

By then, Calero had rebuilt his gangs and attacked with Luis Muñoz, Arnau Ortiz And Ivan Ayllonchanges that will soon be followed by the introduction of exfranchiverde Johnny Alamobut with which he could not revive his team, which continued to be at the mercy of Elche.

In the last quarter of an hour and with the arrival Phoebas And Borja Garces To “Nico” Fernandez And MuradAccordingly, Elche not only maintained the level that they had demonstrated up to this point in terms of ball circulation and presence in the opponent’s zone, but also moved closer to the goal. He did this thanks to an acrobatic shot from Phebas, which was saved by Lisoain, another header from Bigas, which was also neutralized by the Cartagena goalkeeper, who then beat Garces in a one-on-one match.

The final measures of the challenge served as the debut David Lopez with an Elche T-shirt and thousands of its fans who came to the Municipal Cartagonova, they began to celebrate in advance a victory that was as necessary as it was deserved.

Data sheet:

0 – FC Cartagena: Raoul Lizoain, Diego Moreno (Luis Muñoz, min. 65), Gonzalo Verdu, Andy, Alfredo Ortuño (Eillon, min. 65; Juan Carlos Real, min. 82), Yes, Jose Fontan, Ivan Calero, Mikel Rico (Johnny Alamo, min. 70), ‘Kiko’ Olivas And Arnau Sola (Arnau Ortiz, min. 65).

1 – Elche: Mathias Dituro, Mario Gaspard, John Chetauya, Bigas, ‘Tete’ Morente, Jose Salinas, Josan (David Lopez, min. 88), Murad (Borja Garces, min. 70),
“Nico” Castro, “Nico” Fernandez (Phoebas, min. 70) and Rodrigo Mendoza.

Goals: 0-1, min. 56: “Nico” Castro.

Arbitration: Santacrucero Daniel Jesus Trujillo Suarez He showed two yellow cards, which went to the locals. Ivan Calero And Gonzalo Verdu.

Incidents: meeting scheduled for day 28 La Liga Hypermovement disputed in Municipal Stadium of Cartagonova from Cartagena in front of 11,862 spectators, of which about 1,200 were Green Frangie fans. Before the start of the match, a minute of silence was observed as a sign of mourning for the victims of the fire in Valencia and players from both teams wore black armbands.

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