‘Monstrous’ forest fire rages in southwestern France

MEXICO CITY.- More than a thousand firefighters fight against a Forest fire “monstrous” in southwestern France, which has already destroyed nearly 7,000 hectares of forest, authorities said.

The Forest fire near the city of Bordeaux destroyed several houses and forced 10 thousand residents to flee.

Strong winds and high temperatures are making it difficult to extinguish the fire. fire forest.

President Emmanuel Macron said that Austria, Germany, Greece, Poland and Romania have sent or will send aid to combat the fire forest. “European solidarity is on the march!” she tweeted.

France and other European countries have seen a wave of forest fires deaths this summer, caused by record temperatures and droughts across the continent.

Some 1,700 deaths occurred in Portugal and Spain due to heat, the World Health Organization warned.

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Forest fire out of control

The huge Forest fire affecting southwestern France has been burning for two days near the commune of Landiras, about 30 kilometers southeast of Bordeaux (Gironde department).

Firefighters from other regions of France had to travel to the area urgently to support the ongoing operation.

They are joined by specialized planes that have been dropping water and flame retardant.

But despite all efforts, the fire was still out of control on Thursday, local officials said.

Before being evacuated, some of the residents had to take shelter on the roofs of their houses as the flames quickly approached, local media reported.

Belin-Béliet is now a ghost town as its 2,000 inhabitants had to flee on Wednesday, according to BFMTV.

In nearby Hostens commune, Allisson Fayol and her father, unlike many of their neighbors, decided to stay home for now.

Climate change increases the risk that hot, dry weather will spark wildfires.

Global temperatures have risen 1.2°C since the industrial age began and will continue to rise unless governments around the world drastically cut emissions.

(With information from BBC News)

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