Monteción is constructing a new building in Son Mua for the relocation of Palma School students in September 2025.

Monteción is constructing a new building in Son Mua for the relocation of Palma School students in September 2025.Digital edition

Monteción raise new building V Son Moix greet the last students historical school from Palmwhose keys are the same as baroque churchwill be delivered to the employer Victor Woodexecutive president Chiron GroupSeptember 1, 2005, according to a 70-year transfer contract which he signed with the Society of Jesus on 25 January..


He new classroom building Its construction has been underway since December 15 last year on the territory Son Moish Schoollocated in number 14 Cami de Son Rapigna, but in the highest part of the territory, just behind the two historical pavilions and in the area closest to the perpendicular of Calle d’Andalusia. And its development is almost exhausting the land currently available for the training center, which opened in 1968, but which In the late eighties he sold most of his land.later arose urban growth of the territory.

The project being implemented belongs to the architect. Guillem Reines Vazquez-Roviraauthor, among others,Gomila Square project for the Flux family or from Richard Branson’s Son Bunyola Hotel. It has four floorsof which three have already risen, ele form And Execution period 36 months.

View of the new building designed by Guillermo Reines at the Montecion School in Son Mua.

The only school in Son Moish

New real estate will give Monteción School from Son Moishe required capacity for deployment starting from September 2025, 500 students which will still remain in school in the historical center of Palma until its final closure in 2025, so that the center will consist of 24 units and 600 school places Elementary education; 12 units and 360 school places Compulsory secondary education; eight units and 267 school places (modalities: science and technology, humanities and social sciences and general) Bachelor’s degreeas well as various cycles Professional education.

A year before the move, on September 1, Monteción de Son Moí will become the only administrative center of the Monteción school in Mallorca. And his ownership will also change: from Canonical Society of Jesus, Province of Spain To Jesuit Educational Foundation Central-East, registered in the register of religious organizations October 26, 2023 and currently under the chairmanship of Mallorquin Rafel Barcelograduate of the Faculty of Biology, CEO of Monteción since 2014as well as a teacher, head of studies and director of the ESO.

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