Morabank Andorra from the Endesa League: schedule and where to watch on TV

date and time

The Valencia Basket-Unicaja match, corresponding to the 20th round of the ACB, will take place on Sunday, January 28, at 6:30 p.m.

How and where to watch on TV

The match will be broadcast on Movistar Plus+ – dial 7- and Deportes – dial 63- and ⇒Unicaja Basketball Radio.

Words by Ibon Navarro

“I think the mere fact of going to Charter has a high winning percentage on Wednesday. Returning to the team’s week, a trip to Vitoria with stops and a collapse in the last quarter. The very fact of going to Cholet in this way helped us to get through the final quarter well. It might be a little difficult for us to get into the game tomorrow, but they’re fine.”

“We coaches have this bad habit. The next opponent is always the hardest because he is the one in front of them. We are second, and I am grateful to them. You already know this. This is a particularly competitive team. Their competitive spirit continues. I think with the level of their play they should get a few more wins.”

“He’s an emotional boy, but once the game starts he becomes a competitive animal. He is interested in winning. I’m sure he wants to face Melvin, Will… All he’ll think about is doing what he has to do and competing.” “Maybe due to the lack of rhythm I make some mistakes.”

“It’s February and a thousand things are happening. And not from now until June, but from now until next week. I hope we have this problem.”

“Yes, I think we have already gone through the two bad weeks that we had in Joventut and Grans, which became even more noticeable after the loss of Alberto. It was already noticeable that we are starting against Tofas, but we are already at a higher point of demand for Now we are going to travel and practically play.

“I spoke to him a few days ago on the occasion of his birthday. The important thing is that he plays again, that he is healthy for the rest of the season and has no problems. Tomorrow is his first game after this injury and it is unknown how he will return, but he is a player who can have a big impact.”

“He has a doctor’s appointment next week to get cleared on the injury and then he needs to stop being afraid of his arm. We are thinking about rescheduling this visit so that he can return against Strasbourg and Del Pino can attend the training sessions. as he should.”

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