More smart features on more Pixel Watch models and watches

One of Google’s strongholds when it comes to Android devices is software. The company strives to offer more in this section every year, making interesting features such as search environment or quick pairing available to its users.

Although these features always appear first on your latest devices, The company also pays a lot of attention to previous releases.. Now the rollout of the update has begun, which will add some of the latest features to the brand’s previous devices.

This update process began today and is expected to be completed within a few weeks. As always, this is being done in stages, so it may not reach everyone who has these devices at the same time. Some of them will appear on all the company’s phones, starting with the Pixel 5a.

What’s new in Pixel

First of all, Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro get a circle feature for search. This is a quick access that allows you to search for the image you are viewing on the screen. For now, it’s exclusive to Android, with Google only present on the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S24, although it’s expected to arrive on other compatible devices soon. The company has also worked to improve the quality of Instagram posts and will now allow you to upload videos in 10-bit HDR quality or upload photos in Ultra HDR quality.

On the other hand, the Screen Sharing app is available on all phones starting with the Pixel 5a. This app acts as a filter that allows you to limit the content that another person can see when sharing your screen. Another new feature that is present in some devices is Quick pairing, a feature whereby Bluetooth devices that have already been paired with other devices with your same account will be synced so that you don’t have to do it manually when you change your mobile phone. It applies to the company’s devices starting with the Pixel 4a 5G and is available in the Connected Devices section.

Google Pixel News

Free Android

The rest of the new products that the American brand announced are aimed at the first generation Google Pixel Watch, which will receive some of the most interesting features of its successor. Some of them are breathing exercises, which can be accessed from the Fitbit Relax app and help you achieve greater relaxation. The options available during workouts have also been expanded, including automatic start and stop functions that allow you to define both the start and end of workouts. It will be possible to customize target heart rate or activity pace.

Finally, the brand’s watches will have access to a Google Maps update for WearOS, which will make it easier to travel on public transport. You can view directions, real-time graphs, and even a compass on your watch to help you navigate.

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