More than 90 people died in a week as Arctic storm hits the United States

The Arctic storm that has been raging in the United States for a week has already killed at least 91 people, according to calculations by television networks. CBS NewsWhich has compiled all the confirmed deaths in different states.

He Tennessee Department of Health Authorities have confirmed 19 weather-related deaths oregon They confirmed that 16 people, including three adults, died when a tree fell on their car, including a child who survived.

There have been more deaths in the states Illinois, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Washington, Kentucky, Wisconsin, New York, New Jersey, etc. Some of these cases are under investigation to confirm whether they are indeed weather-related, the EP reports.

Some of these incidents are death of a person in a traffic accident in the state kentuckywhere five deaths were recorded, and two other traffic accidents occurred in the state of Illinois, resulting in four deaths.

In this context, some states have warned drivers to take extra caution on the roads during intense cold. one such case mississippiWhere officials have told residents to “be aware of black ice on the roads and drive only if necessary.”

This weather will continue throughout the weekend across the country crores of people They will wake up to extremely cold and below average temperatures this Sunday. The states most affected will be those in the eastern region, which will experience some of the coldest weather of the season with warnings of icy winds and severe frost.

To stay safe in these situations, experts recommend wearing layers if you have to go outside, exercising extreme caution when operating appliances like heaters, and always keeping an eye out for symptoms of serious conditions such as: hypothermia,

Apart from deaths, power cuts have also been reported in the states Pennsylvania, California, New Mexico, Indiana and in the most serious oregonWhere it is in a state of emergency after more than 45,000 customers were left without power.

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