MOSSOS SMISHING NOTICE | Mossos warn about new “smishing” technique: “Watch with SMS like this”

Mossos d’Escadre They posted a notice via X (formerly Twitter) warning about the new practice. fraudulent via direct messaging systems: “Watch out for these SMS”– they wrote in the publication.

The regional police warned that precautionary measures to prevent cybercriminals made using personal data to access bank accounts from the victim: “Login to your bank’s website using regular address. Don’t subscribe to any connection. Do not give personal information, including those owned by the bank. In case of doubt, call them“Recommended Mossos. Likewise, the Catalan police called on those users who have already suffered from the consequences of these cyber attacks, report.

What is “smile”?

Attached to the above post was a screenshot showing what these seemingly ordinary text messages look like. “Dear customer, your card is temporarily limited. Update your information here,” can be read in the SMS, which ends with a link.

This practice, called ‘smiling’consists of a “social engineering attack that uses mobile text messages LIE trick people into downloading malwareshare confidential information or send money cybercriminals,” says technology company International Business Machines (IBM).

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