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To the rhythm of ‘This Is How We Do’, by Katy Perry, user Laura Muse posted a TikTok video in which she He surprised Internet users by saying that he usually checks his children’s cell phones and explained why.

“Me every time I check my teenage son’s phone,” you can read in the clip, in which she mimes the song, specifically the part where Perry says “this is no big deal (It’s not a big deal)”.

Her 15-year-old son often appears in her videos and they seem to have a very open relationship, so the woman said that if he had nothing to hide, she would check and there would be no problem.

When you have nothing to hide, because we can communicate openly about life, it’s not a big deal.“, were his words in an interview with the American newspaper ‘The New York Post’.

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I own their phones, I pay for the phones. I can review them whenever I want

Although she is aware that this idea may sound retrograde and conservative to some, she says she is doing her best to ensure the future of her children: “People might think it’s disrespectful or an invasion of privacy, but that’s how I run my ship.“.

His 17-year-old daughter also often asks to show him the mobile device, claiming that one of the main reasons for doing so is that he must protect the sleep of minors: “I don’t want him to stay on social media all night without sleep. I own their phones, I pay for the phones; I can review them whenever I want“.

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Of course, the critics did not wait. Users of the short video social network did not approve of this behavior, so they assured that she is an inappropriate mother.

“Checking your son’s phone is an invasion of privacy and shows that you don’t trust him; he will never open up to you again” and “I never checked their phones. They never gave me a reason to” were the comments that got the most attention. .

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