Movie. Emma Stone and Cillian Murphy for the first time with Bafta, a triumph for Oppenheimer

“A moins d’un mois des Oscars”, Christopher Nolan’s biopic about the death of the atomic bomb Oppenheimer It will be ceremoniously distributed by Bafta on February 18, 2024, with September awards without restrictions. Anatomy of a shot Justine Trieu de pursuivre, son of the international beauty park.

The awards ceremony for British filmmakers began with the French film Justine Trieu, who amassed awards at the Palme d’Or at Cannes, with the prize for best original screenplay. This is the latest content of this title, the nominations that were put forward in September are enough to attract the attention of top scouts in Los Angeles on March 10, or the film will be in all categories.

Oppenheimer the sacred, Barbie Delirious

I started from a position of strength, with 13 nominations at the insistence of other international awards. Oppenheimerwhich was associated with a billion dollars, écrasé ses concurrentes, a newcomer who is the main rival sur les écrans cet été, Barbie I gave out delusions.

I will announce in the most prestigious categories the best film and the best director of the premiere of Christopher Nolan, who will receive a standing ovation after long attention and successful commercial names (origin, The Dark Knight) which ne lui avaient never allowed d’être Sacre dans son pais d’origine.

A portrait of J. Robert Oppenheimer, torture doctor and scientific director of the Manhattan Project during World War II, also came face to face Anatomy of a shot Justine Triet, The winter vacation d’Alexander Payne, Killers of the Flower Moon Martin Scorsese and others. Poor creatures Yorgos Lanthimos, “Best Pre-Oscar Score,” for scaffolding at no.

It’s Australian actor who stands out in the best categories for Irish actor, Cillian Murphy, and best actor in a supporting role for Robert Downey Jr., which the 31-year-old son received a second Bafta after finishing his role in the role. Chaplin.

Cillian Murphy is the best actor as Oppenheimer’s son, who is rewarded for the role. | AFP/ADRIAN DENNIS

Cillian Murphy is the best actor as Oppenheimer’s son, who is rewarded for the role. | AFP/ADRIAN DENNIS

Emma Stone best actress

The main characters of the evening, organized at the Royal Festival Hall in London in the presence of famous stars, were Poor creatures Yorgos Lanthimos with five Baftas and others. Area of ​​interest Jonathan Glaser (Troyes).

Poor creatures, Frankenstein in femininity, the note allowed to the actress Emma Stone, is the best sacred actress for the son of the interpretation of the complete madness of Bella Baxter, jeune femme ramenee à la vie avec l’esprit d’un enfant par un savant fou. The film also won awards in several technical categories such as special effects, costumes or makeup.

Emma Stone won Best Actress at the Bafta for her role in Poor Creatures. | EPA/MAXPPP/NEAL HALL

Emma Stone won Best Actress at the Bafta for her role in Poor Creatures. | EPA/MAXPPP/NEAL HALL

Area of ​​interestJonathan Glaser’s German-language British cinematographer’s view of the daily life of the family of the commandant of the Auschwitz Nazi extermination camp and winner of the Cannoy Grand Prix, a repeat with three prizes, the implementation of “spoils exploitation” in honor of the Bafta, best British film and best foreign language film.

Bafta premiere for Hayao Miyazaki

Da’Vine Joy Randolph is that sacred Best Supporting Actress. The winter vacationComte de Noel, student at the American University.

The prize for best documentary has already been announced 20 days to Mariupol which tells the story of the coming of war to a Ukrainian city, where the battles of the most brutal events of the Russian invasion unfold.

Le Garson and Le Heron Hayao Miyazaki’s new film just won Best Animated Feature for the premiere of a reality show. Princess Mononoke OU Spirited Away.

Habitué de l’événement, Prince William, who did not express a public statement about what he did only after announcing the cancer of his father’s son, King Charles III, who is also present and meets the pluses of the laureates as president from Bafta. His wife Kate was resting while recovering from abdominal surgery in January.

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