Movistar Estudiantes survived the huge Rodriguez

Betis or Fuenlabrada were fighting for ninth place in LEB Oro. The winner will be Movistar’s rival Estudiantes in the quarter-finals of the playoff for promotion to the Endesa League. One or the other started the season poorly, but the final stretch made them dangerous and tense opponents. The Andalusians, with miraculous victories over Gipuzkoa and Valladolid, won the last position in the playoffs. and with nothing to lose, with serious economic and institutional problems behind them, they showed up in Magariños to scare the students to death.

Betis lost in the series premiere (86-77), but made everyone nervousBlues players and fans who did not see a clear victory until Dee’s three with 2:00 left made it 83-75.. It was an absolutely masterful exercise in survival for the Sevillians, who started the match devastated by local technology (26-9 at the end of the first quarter) and then took off running on the back of an absolutely masterful, fabulous, spectacular boy: Joaquin Rodriguez. The 24-year-old Uruguayan scored just 2 points in the first leg before 11 at the break. He scored 24 after walking through the locker room to pick the lock after 36:50 on the hardwood for 28 points..

I record how and when I wanted. From the three (3 of 6), in transition, in penetration, facing local centers, at mid-range. Sola, Alonso and Ferrando were unstoppable, mere shadows behind the South American player., which made the student’s blood run cold. About him shamelessness Betis came up big against an Estudiantes team that performed poorly defensively and was unable to get Dee and Alonso to warm up.. Only Larsen (17 years old) and Wintering (16 years old) showed muscles. Caffaro again had 10 points and 7 rebounds..

Movistar Estudiantes players celebrate their first victory in the quarter-finals of the playoffs against Real Betis.CHEMA DIAZLIKE A DIARY

Eating Ramireño’s tacos made us think more about the second game than the actual game. But Betic’s reaction in the second quarter began to heat up the atmosphere: the partial score was 3-18 with Rodriguez distributing 2+1 (because the boy also has a vision of the game on film) to Polanco and Berzins to get just one away goal 34-33. The students pulled resources to maintain their advantage, although they were burdened with defeats (6), which allowed the opponent to escape. With Murphy with three fouls, Berzins and Bisschop with three more in Betis, Rivero drew an inside pair of weights and inches with Caffaro and Larsen. The idea was to break the Andalusians from the inside… The result was good, unremarkable. It’s enough just to go to the locker room for number six (46-40). The gap could have been greater, but local residents once again tried to commit suicide: 13 out of 18 in 20 minutes; 25 out of 36 at the end of the match.

And if Rodriguez’s contribution was already a problem for the people of Madrid, Polanco appeared, who scored 13 points in the second half with four triples, which pierced the student soul like a dagger. Betis improved from 1 of 9 from the perimeter to 9 of 30. However, it was Dedovic from outside who put the visitors ahead with 6 minutes left (67-68) after several threats to shoot into the goal.. Sola’s hand, Wintering’s and the referee’s whistle appeared.: Questionable unsportsmanlike conduct by Polanco against Larsen, a technical for protesting Faggiano (anger over a foul on Wintering) and a fifth by Berzins. With 2:35 remaining, Estudiantes took the lead with three free throws, a triple from Dee and two hits from Wintering’s own. Larsen also finished the game from the line. Fright and victory over an opponent who will not lose in this confrontation. Estudiantes were warned. Now there is much more. Second, this Sunday at 12:30.


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