Moya details how Rafa Nadal is coping with his impending retirement

With the release of the new edition Roland Garros The track is just around the corner and fans are eagerly awaiting positive confirmation from the Spanish tennis player. Rafael Nadal (305°) about his possible participation, doubts he tried to dispel his compatriot’s coach Carlos Moya in Diario de Mallorca.

“They’re trying to have goodbye as one of the greatest athletes in historyBut nothing has been decided yet. Now we’ll try to move forward this week, The idea is to come to Roland Garros next week.. The goal is to go day by day because the conditions are like this,” said the former world No. 1, 47 and 20-title winner, who has been part of southpaw Manacori’s team since late 2016.

In harmony, champion Main French in 1998 revealed more detailed information about the current situation of one of the members of the legendary group. Big 3, who has competed in Brisbane, Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Rome this season with a total of seven wins and four losses: “He competes, although the results are not ordinary. But ok, happy. This is not what we are used to, but I also knew that it was a very difficult process. It’s not easy to recover from surgery at 35 years old.“.

He still enjoys competing., which he has done all his life and will never do again. I’ve always said that after this bubble of high-level competition, you move on to a normal life, which is exciting and makes you very happy. But you will no longer have the adrenaline of competition and it becomes addictive. I think it happens to all of us and it’s hard to adapt to this is where we are– the 1997 Australian Open finalist closed about the 14-time winner on French clay.

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