Mozilla is disappointed with Apple for changing browsers in the EU

Google Chrome is the most popular browser on Windows and Android devices, while Safari is the most popular on iOS and MacOS. There are plenty of other alternative browsers out there, but Apple chose to focus on its own Safari rather than worry about offering other options. At least that was the case until now, because under EU laws Apple will allow other browsers to be used. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčalternative browsers on iOS for EU users is a step forward, but Apple implementation Mozilla didn’t like it at all.

European Union introduced a series of regulations and laws that will be responsible for changing the way companies operate and use our data online. Through DSA Laws And DMA, Europe is focused on preventing companies from dominating the market and forming a possible monopoly. With these new laws, companies must offer users greater transparency about their practices and provide more additional options to give them choice.

Mozilla expresses disappointment with Apple in EU: it allows alternative browsers, but only on iPhone, not iPad

Mozilla Firefox Review RatingMozilla Firefox Review Rating

It was these new rules that made Microsoft finally leave us. remove Edge browser or search engine ping V Window eleven. Under pressure from the EU, the company was forced to offer these features to its users in order to comply with new legislation. Other large companies such as Amazon And Google is also included, and of course Apple is not left out either. The company, with a bit of an apple, had to agree to the changes, but unlike the others, their implementation left much to be desired.

At least for Mozilla, They say they are disappointed with Apple’s decision to allow alternative navigation systems because the iPad is not included in the same group. While details about Apple’s full implementation are lacking, Mozilla has already warned that browsers like Firefox should have two versionsone for iPhone and one more for iPad.

Mozilla will have to develop and update two different apps because of Apple

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This is due to the fact that Apple is going to limit the so-called BrowserEngineKit to certain apps in the EU, subject to EU laws, but not on all of your devices. With the iOS 17.4 update, the Cupertino company will no longer force browsers to use WebKit and therefore will be allowed to use browsers with Chromium and other engines. Mozilla uses the Gecko engine with Firefox, which will run smoothly on the iPhone thanks to new EU rules, but as always, Apple is playing with the law.

Mozilla will be able to use Firefox with Gecko V iOS With iPhone, but in iPad will have to continue using WebKit. Roughly speaking, this means that the company will have to independently develop and maintain two versions of its web browser. What seemed like a step forward on Apple’s part is now giving Mozilla twice as much work.

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