Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Prime Video): a new explosive announcement from the series “Devoyle”

Is it difficult to replace actors like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? In 2005, he got the screen in Doug Liman’s Mr. and Mrs. Smith, or a campaign of spies given a real identity elsewhere simply reached an impasse and agreed to a “contract.” The pair that would reveal Prime Video’s underlying this adaptation of the series.

Mr and Mrs Smith TV series

Announced February 2021 Prime Videoadaptation in series de Mr. and Mrs. Smith devait être faite avec, devant et derrière la camera, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, showrunner of Fleabag. The idea of ​​dreaming about the paper, the actress and the realist arose in later years as it gained value in Hollywood. In the picture with Indiana Jones and “Cadran of Doom” in 2023, she was supposed to work from the script of the last James Bond, “No Time to Die.” She was a wonderful product of the four-year and final season of Killing Eve.

Unfortunately, following this announcement, Phoebe Waller-Bridge decided to leave the project. The ex-future Mrs. Smith is featured in Vanity Fair columns. “J’ai travaillé corps et âme pour this series of pendants is 6 months old and I feel safe. C’est encore le cas aujourd’hui. And I say it’s brilliant. At the moment when it is best to abandon the holiday. Vous ne voulez pas freiner une une.

Who’s on Mr. and Mrs. Smith on Prime Video?

Engaged in the debut of the Prime Video project, actor Donald Glover (Community, Atlanta) vacations in Board. It will feature Brad Pitt as Mr. Smith and will be accompanied by Maya Erskine, an episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Star Wars series, as Mrs. Smith in place of Angelina Jolie. The series will be available from February 2, 2024 on the streaming platform.

Explosive preview from Mr. and Mrs. Smith

And about the diffusion approach. The new group announces its release on January 11, 2024. On peut y voir les deux acteurs absolument électriques ensemble. On the plus side, this new series pourrait bien attirer le plus grand nombre. Suspense, action and romance are at the heart of this animated film released by Prime Video. Il ne reste plus qu’à prendre son mal en patience… Date in February 2024!

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