Multi-million dollar lawsuit against Apple in Europe for the App Store

Thousands of users from the Netherlands unite against Apple!

Once again, the controversial conditions of the App Store have earned it a multi-million dollar lawsuit in the Netherlands to the company of the bitten apple. This time, he is accused of overcharging app store users, contributing to his “market dominance” and incurring “anti-competitive practices”.

The new lawsuit has been brought by the nonprofit Consumer Competition Claims Foundation, which focuses on exposing unfair business practices and violations of consumer law.” the lawsuit demands that Apple reimburse users for purchases.

Apple adds a new lawsuit in Europe

The percentage of reimbursement required in the demand corresponds to the commission of 15% or 30% that Apple charges for all digital purchases made on and through the ‌App Store‌. The foundation says the commission forces developers to raise prices for users.

On its website, the Consumer Competition Claims Foundation states:

“By using anti-competitive practices, Apple has been able to charge excessively high prices and impose restrictive terms. Apple excluded all competition and withheld choice for consumers in its app store and in-app purchases.”

According to information shared from Bloomberg, lawsuit will lead to more than $5.5 billion in damages Wanted for all ‌iPhone‌ and ‌iPad‌ users in the EU who have made a purchase through Apple’s ‌App Store‌. On its website, the foundation asks customers to join its efforts to “hold Apple accountable.”

Unfortunately for Apple, this lawsuit joins the extensive file that the company has in Europefor complaints about anticompetitive practices. And the possibility of the approval of legislation that requires the opening of the application store.

Over the years, several applications have denounced Apple for antitrust practices, however, it was not until last year that the company actually faced a lawsuit for this cause, promoted by Epic Games.

Since then, more and more organizations have been inspired by the case to propose new legal actionswhich finally force Apple to relax its policies in its application store, especially those related to the famous Apple tax.

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