Murder in Easttown, Kate Winslet is Detective Mare – Tv


A crime drama that explores the darker side of closed communities, and how family and past dramas can define our present.
‘Murder in Easttown – Mare of Easttown’ is the new crime miniseries by HBO (which has just debuted in the USA) that reunites the couple formed by Kate Winslet and Guy Pearce, who played ten years ago in another series of the same network, entitled Mildred Pierce, Coming to Sky and NOW on June 9th, one of the most anticipated titles of the year.
In the series, in seven episodes, of which she is also the producer and strongly desired by her, the Oscar-winning actress for The Reader – In a loud voice, she plays Mare Sheehan: Kate Winslet is amazing we see her showing herself without makeup, dressed in wide shirts, he drinks beer, has a disastrous love life, smokes e-cigarettes, doesn’t care about his appearance. If the Italian subtitle centers on the crime, the original is more appropriate: because everything revolves around Mare, or Mare Sheehan, a detective in a small town in Pennsylvania.
Easttown, in fact. Her present is a disaster: separated with children, she lives with a mother who hates her and whom she reciprocates when a murder case rains down on her while her life falls apart. Erin, a teenage mother of a baby who lives with an unstable father, is found dead on a riverbed; two other girls disappear, enveloping the village in a cloud of panic. While investigating, the policewoman is haunted by an episode twenty-five years earlier: the legendary basket she scored in a basketball game and which, together with the title of Lady Hawk, earned her a popularity that has never subsided. It was his day of glory; but now everyone is demanding from her the quick solution of a criminal case that is too intricate. It fits perfectly into the “small town mystery” category, set in the suburbs of Philadelphia. In the meantime, the detective is also tormented by another case now one year old and never resolved, the disappearance of the daughter of a former schoolmate. A case that put her to the test and that split the community, increasingly skeptical about her abilities. In such a small world where everyone knows each other, you can’t hide… or maybe you can? To put it in the words of the protagonist: “Doing something exceptional is overrated, but it is exactly what people expect of you. Every time”.
In the cast, among others, Guy Pearce in the role of Richard Ryan, a professor of creative writing, Julianne Nicholson in those of Lori Ross, the best friend of a life of the protagonist, Jean Smart (Watchmen) who plays the mother of Mare, Helen. And again: Angourie Rice who in the series is Mare’s daughter, Siobahn, and Evan Peters in the role of Colin Zabel, a young detective who will help Mare in the investigation.
The creator of the series as well as screenwriter, showrunner and executive producer is Brad Ingelsby (Return to win, The fire of revenge – Out of the furnace). Directed by Craig Zobel (The Hunt, Manglehorn, The Leftovers)